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Hospital Report Hall Conference System Solution

Hospital Report Hall-Multimedia Conference System Scheme Construction

The multimedia lecture hall mainly realizes various functions such as various large, medium and small international conferences, ordinary conferences, entertainment performances, multimedia screenings, reports, training, lectures, synchronous recording of conferences, intelligent centralized control, etc.


Design Ideas
The report hall mainly requires clarity and intelligibility for language sound. And it has a certain loudness to make it easy to sound. At the same time, it requires the balance of spectrum and no distortion. For music, in addition to the requirements of clarity and loudness, there are also requirements for fullness, space and balance.
It is generally believed that good sound quality should have appropriate loudness, a certain sense of space, and good timbre (that is, low, medium, and high frequency parts have a good balance, and the timbre is not distorted or distorted). Therefore, the sound quality of the sound reinforcement system has the following requirements:

The fullness of the sound: fullness refers to the enhancement and contrast effect of the direct sound due to the reflection of each interface when listening to the sound in the hall.
The bright and clear sound: the bright and clear sound mainly refers to the high-frequency components in the sound, and the attenuation is slow, and there are rich high-order harmonics. Kan
Sound energy distribution is uniform: the sound energy distribution of each point in the whole hall is uniform, that is, the sound field is evenly distributed, which can ensure that the loudness of the audience in each area is basically the same. In the hall with uniform sound field, the difference between the maximum sound pressure level and the minimum sound pressure level shall not exceed 6dB, and the difference between the maximum sound pressure level (or the minimum sound pressure level) and the average sound pressure level shall not exceed 3dB.
Appropriate reverberation time: the quality of the hall is very close to the reverberation time. Choosing the right reverberation time can improve the clarity of speech and the fullness of timbre.


Functional advantages
1, through the conference speech system to achieve the speaker's voice to the conference sound reinforcement system, the chairman unit to limit the representative unit speaking time and close the speech;
2. Through the conference sound reinforcement system, the speaker's voice can be amplified with high fidelity and clear, so as to meet the standards and requirements of the sound pressure level of the lecture hall meeting.
3. The central control system can realize matrix switching, power management, DVD player control, electric curtain control, air conditioning control, etc., and can easily and quickly manage all video and audio systems;
4. The matrix system can solve the transmission and distribution of various videos during the conference process, as well as the analog matrix and digital matrix of single signal interface, which is convenient for different conference agendas to play different videos;
5, stage lighting to meet the stage performance effect, according to different performance programs, the use of light color and its changes show different lighting effects, to meet the diverse needs of stage performances.


Application effect of report hall (working meeting)
It can meet various levels of meetings, academic forums, reports and other conference activities in the hospital;
Conference speeches can use hand in hand, digital, 5G/WiFI and other connection modes, support with the camera to achieve video tracking;
Selection of high-performance sound reinforcement equipment, low distortion rate, to ensure that the treble is loud and not harsh, the midrange is clear and pleasant, the bass is calm and powerful;
Easy to speak, high-fidelity sound quality, clear image display, to meet the general meeting, lectures, training and other needs;
Join the recording and broadcasting system, record and save in real time during the meeting, and carry the video conference system to realize remote live viewing;
On-site equipment can be visualized and managed centrally through the flat panel to realize real-time switching and scheduling, including lighting, electric curtains, air conditioning, power supply, audio and video equipment, etc.


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