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Construction scheme of professional sound reinforcement system in campus gymnasium

Gymnasium-Scheme Construction
The school gymnasium is mainly used to host various sports competitions such as school basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and other competitive sports. It is also used for multi-functional use such as gatherings and large-scale cultural and entertainment activities. In addition to holding sports activities, the gymnasium hall can also hold large-scale political gatherings and theatrical performances.

Design Ideas
1. Under the condition of clarifying the functional characteristics of sound reinforcement, the sound quality design should be aimed at the pursuit of lifelike and good overall effect;
2. The entire sound reinforcement system aims at high-quality language clarity, and also has a wide frequency response and music softness when playing music before and after the game;
3. The working area of the whole gymnasium is large, the use situation is changeable, and there will be a variety of noise situations. The system should be able to automatically adjust the volume to cover up the noise according to the size of the environmental noise;
4, audio sound reinforcement system to the language, other audio and video data audio signal replay, in the design of the focus on the distribution of speakers, sound pressure coverage of the uniformity of the system between the signal exchange, to make a variety of audio signal replay clear not turbid;
5, architectural acoustics defects, through the way of electro-acoustic compensation, so choose high-quality professional sound system.

Functional advantages
1. The system automatically feeds back no howling;
2. One key to open the system and close the system function;
3. Computer software can be used to operate and adjust the venue effect in time;
4. Senior high school low frequency manual adjustment, reverberation effect adjustment, delay effect adjustment function;
5. Equipped with high-power main speaker and medium-power auxiliary speaker to form an annular surround sound field effect;
6. Distribute the corresponding power output of the power amplifier and reasonably configure the sound field of the system;
7, audio processing equipment can achieve a variety of styles of output display.

Application Effect of Gymnasium (Campus Sports Meeting)
To create a sound reinforcement system whose sound pressure level fully meets the requirements of the national first-class hall;
Using a variety of linear array speakers divergent layout, the auditorium is within the coverage area, with good sound field uniformity, ensuring sufficient large-scale sound reinforcement, while providing high-quality, clear and full sound reinforcement;
A variety of audio processor equipment escort, counteract the reverb and echo problems that may exist in the stadium, improve the clarity and sound quality of sound quality;
Meet the penetration effect of the sound during the competition in the venue, create a live atmosphere and enhance the performance effect, and bring a good experience for the participants and the audience;
One key to open the system and close the system function, very intelligent and convenient.

Application effect of gymnasium (daily exercise)
A variety of line array speakers and a variety of audio processor equipment escort, to ensure sufficient large-scale sound amplification at the same time, offset the possible reverberation and echo problems in the stadium, improve the sound quality clarity and sound quality;
Meet the penetration effect of human voice in the venue and create an on-site exercise atmosphere;
For the use of background music, showing the vibrato effect, resulting in a strong dynamic rhythm, to achieve special sound effects;
In case of emergency, it can also broadcast paging, lost and found, call emergency rescue, etc., to provide security for the scene;
One-key opening system and closing system functions greatly simplify the operation process of gymnasium equipment.


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