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Gymnasium conference sound reinforcement system solution

Gymnasium Conference Acoustic System-Scheme Construction

System Overview:
With the continuous progress of technology, the technology of conference sound reinforcement system is also constantly innovating and developing. The new generation of sound reinforcement system can realize digital audio transmission, networked operation and intelligent control, and provide more high-quality and convenient audio experience for sports venues.
The background of the stadium conference sound reinforcement system project involves the consideration of large-scale conference needs, multi-functional venues, sound environment challenges, technological innovation and development, and user experience improvement. Through the construction of an advanced and high-quality sound reinforcement system, the conference effect can be improved, the satisfaction of participants can be improved, and strong support can be provided for the conference activities of stadiums.


Demand analysis:
System coverage: The space of the stadium is large, and it is necessary to ensure that the sound reinforcement system can cover the entire conference area, whether it is a large conference hall or a scattered small conference room, it can provide clear and uniform sound effects.
Sound transmission quality: In view of the challenges of the sound environment, it is necessary to select a sound reinforcement system with the technical characteristics of suppressing echo and reverberation to ensure that the sound can be clearly transmitted to the ears of the participants and provide high-quality sound effects.
Multifunctional applications: Considering that stadiums are not only used for conferences, when choosing a sound reinforcement system, you need to take into account the needs of different types of activities. The system should have a variety of sound adjustment, sound source input function, to meet the requirements of different occasions.
Flexibility and adjustability: For large stadium meetings, it is usually necessary to support multiple speakers at the same time, so it is necessary to have multiple microphone input interfaces, as well as volume control and balance adjustment functions for different speakers.
Ease of operation: The conference sound reinforcement system of the stadium should have the characteristics of easy operation, which can not only facilitate the administrator to set up the system and adjust the parameters, but also facilitate the participants to adjust the individual volume according to their needs.
Reliability and stability: Stadium meetings usually require long-term operation, so the system must have the characteristics of stability and reliability, and can work for a long time without interference, noise interference and signal loss.
Scalability and upgrading: In order to adapt to the possible future technological development and changes in functional requirements, the sound reinforcement system should have good scalability and upgrading, and be able to support new sound source inputs, new technical standards and higher sound requirements.


Design ideas:
Zonal sound reinforcement: Since stadiums are usually large, you can consider dividing the conference area into multiple areas, and each area is equipped with sound reinforcement equipment independently to provide better sound effects and coverage.
Main sound source and branch sound source: when designing, one main sound source can be set to play the voice of the speaker, and multiple branch sound sources can be set to play the speech or music background of other participants. This allows you to flexibly control the volume and sound effects of different audio sources.
Network control: It is recommended to use digital sound reinforcement system and network control technology to realize remote control and monitoring. In this way, the administrator can adjust the parameters, volume control and sound effect adjustment of the system through the network connection to ensure the stability and flexibility of the system.
Appropriate feedback control: In order to avoid adverse effects such as echo and horn beeping, feedback control equipment can be set to automatically control sound output and microphone input through adaptive algorithms to provide clearer sound.
Humanized operation: In order to facilitate use and operation, it is recommended to choose equipment with simple and intuitive control interface and operation mode. For example, you can use the touch screen, remote control or mobile phone application, so that administrators and participants can easily set and adjust the volume, sound effects and other parameters.
High-quality speakers: For the selection of speakers, factors such as sound quality, sound pressure level and coverage should be considered. You can choose high-quality speakers to ensure that the sound is clear and uniform, and meets the requirements of the meeting place.
Emergency broadcasting function: Sports venues are usually used for various activities. Considering safety factors, emergency broadcasting function can be added to the sound reinforcement system to provide timely broadcasting and instructions in emergency situations.


Functional advantages:
The system consists of a conference U-segment microphone, a mixer, a feedback suppressor, an audio processor, and a professional speaker. The U-segment microphone adopts a U-segment wireless transmission method, and rotates and moves at will when speaking, without being interfered by the microphone line. And restrictions. Speaking process by the influence of acoustic feedback phenomenon is likely to produce howling, so the configuration of a feedback suppressor, howling suppression. Configure the mixer to carry out simple collection, distribution and processing of the sound, and then pass it to the audio processor for later optimization and processing, and finally the power amplifier drives the sound box to carry out sound amplification.
The conference host integrates the functions of digital voting system, video tracking system, digital discussion system, voting digital conference system and so on, realizing the overall control and management of the conference process. The software function can realize the linkage between the camera and the speech unit, that is, when a speaker presses the button of his speech microphone, the camera will automatically and quickly track the speaker and take images, the live image is projected onto a large screen by a projector. Save the operator cumbersome operation. The chairman of the speech unit is equipped with a strong directional condenser microphone and speaker, and a built-in whistling suppression device. The chairman has a priority speech switch, which allows the chairman of the meeting to control the meeting by blanking the microphone sound of the representative machine. Unique and innovative self-detection function, combined with software, can automatically complete key pressing, voting and voice self-check, making the preparation and testing before the meeting easier and the meeting more reliable.


Application effect:
(1) According to the needs of the sound reinforcement function of the stadium, the sound source processing equipment (mixer, feedback suppressor, audio processor, pre-stage effector, etc.), power amplifier and sound box are configured.
(2) The power sequencer configured in the system can turn on and off the power of the system equipment with one key, which plays a role in protecting the equipment in the system, and at the same time has great convenience.
(3) According to the speech requirements of the conference hall, a set of hand-in-hand is configured, which consists of the conference host, the chairman unit and the representative unit. U-segment wireless microphone is configured to facilitate mobile speech and venue interaction.
In the stadium audio sound reinforcement system, the audio signals of all audio sources are pre-amplified by the mixer, pre-processed, and then sent to the power amplifier to drive the sound reinforcement speaker, so as to achieve the realization of the entire sound reinforcement system function.


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