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Solution of Sound Acoustic System for Meeting Room of Judicial Organs

Sound reinforcement system for meetings of judicial organs-scheme construction

System Overview:
The application of the conference sound reinforcement system in the conference room of the judicial organ can improve the sound transmission effect, improve the communication efficiency of the participants, and provide flexible volume and sound control. This is of great significance to ensure the smooth progress of the judicial organ meeting and the accurate communication of decision-making. The equipment selection of conference room audio sound reinforcement system should be based on the functional requirements of the conference place and combined with the actual building layout conditions. The principle of system configuration should follow the principles of applying new technology, reasonable system configuration, stable and reliable system operation and convenient operation.

Demand analysis:
1. Sound quality requirements: The sound reinforcement system for judicial meetings should provide high fidelity and clear sound quality. Participants, including judges, lawyers and defendants, need to be able to hear each other clearly and accurately understand the amplified speech.
2. Coverage: Judicial conference rooms are usually large and need to cover a wide area. The sound reinforcement system should be able to achieve a uniform sound distribution throughout the conference room to avoid regional inaudible problems.
3. Multi-microphone support: In order to meet the needs of different participants, the sound reinforcement system should support multiple microphones, including the rostrum microphone, fixed microphone and handheld microphone. Different types of microphones can be selected for different meeting environments and usage scenarios.
4. Volume control and balance: The sound reinforcement system should provide flexible volume adjustment function, which can be adjusted according to actual needs. In addition, a volume balance function should be supported to ensure that participants in different locations can hear relatively consistent sound.
5. Remote control and monitoring: In order to facilitate the operation and monitoring of the sound reinforcement system by managers, the system should support remote control and monitoring functions. In this way, managers can operate and adjust the system anywhere, improving the convenience and efficiency of management.
Stability and reliability of the system: The sound reinforcement system should have stable performance and reliable operation to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting. High-quality audio equipment should be used, and appropriate preventive maintenance and regular testing should be carried out to avoid system failure and


Design ideas:
Determine the layout of the conference room: first of all, you need to know the size, shape and seat distribution of the conference room, so as to determine the installation location and configuration scheme of the sound reinforcement system equipment. Ensure that the sound reinforcement system can cover every corner of the entire conference room, and try to avoid blind spots and uneven sound.
Choose the appropriate sound reinforcement equipment: According to the needs of the conference room and the actual situation, choose the appropriate sound reinforcement equipment, including the main speaker, microphone, amplifier, etc. The main speaker should have high-fidelity sound quality and large volume output capability, the microphone should be able to meet the needs of different speakers, and can suppress echo and noise, the amplifier should have stable power output and volume adjustment capability.
Plan reasonable sound distribution: For large conference rooms, you can reasonably arrange multiple sound reinforcement equipment to achieve uniform sound distribution and improve listening quality. According to the sound requirements of different regions, a multi-channel sound reinforcement system can be used to distribute the sound to different speakers to obtain better sound effects.
Using digital audio processing technology: digital audio processor can adjust the audio signal, mixing, equalization, compression and other processing, in order to improve the sound quality and voice clarity. Through the digital audio processor, the volume of different speakers can be balanced and adjusted to avoid the situation that the volume is too large or too small, and the feedback suppression processing of the audio signal is carried out to reduce the problems such as echo and howling.
Design convenient operation and control interface: design easy-to-use operation and control interface, convenient for the administrator to adjust and monitor the sound reinforcement system. Devices such as a touch screen or a remote controller can be considered to provide an intuitive and easy-to-understand operation interface and support functions such as volume adjustment, microphone switching, and audio input switching.
Reserved channels and interfaces: When designing the sound reinforcement system, consider the possible expansion needs in the future, and reserve enough channels and interfaces to add more microphones, speakers or other audio equipment at any time. At the same time, it is also necessary to reserve standard interfaces to support interface linkage with other devices, such as recording equipment, video conferencing systems, etc.


Functional advantages:
The system consists of a conference U-segment microphone, a mixer, a feedback suppressor, an audio processor, and a professional speaker. The U-segment microphone adopts a U-segment wireless transmission method, and rotates and moves at will when speaking, without being interfered by the microphone line. And restrictions. Speaking process by the influence of acoustic feedback phenomenon is likely to produce howling, so the configuration of a feedback suppressor, howling suppression. Configure the mixer to carry out simple collection, distribution and processing of the sound, and then pass it to the audio processor for later optimization and processing, and finally the power amplifier drives the sound box to carry out sound amplification.
The conference host integrates the functions of digital voting system, video tracking system, digital discussion system, voting digital conference system and so on, realizing the overall control and management of the conference process. The software function can realize the linkage between the camera and the speech unit, that is, when a speaker presses the button of his speech microphone, the camera will automatically and quickly track the speaker and take images, the live image is projected onto a large screen by a projector. Save the operator cumbersome operation. The chairman of the speech unit is equipped with a strong directional condenser microphone and speaker, and a built-in whistling suppression device. The chairman has a priority speech switch, which allows the chairman of the meeting to control the meeting by blanking the microphone sound of the representative machine. Unique and innovative self-detection function, combined with software, can automatically complete key pressing, voting and voice self-check, making the preparation and testing before the meeting easier and the meeting more reliable.


Application effect:
According to the needs of the sound reinforcement function of the conference room, the sound source processing equipment (mixer, feedback suppressor, audio processor, pre-stage effector, etc.), power amplifier and sound box are configured.
The system is configured with a power sequencer that can turn on and off the power of the system equipment with one key, which plays a role in protecting the equipment in the system, and at the same time has great convenience.
According to the needs of the conference hall, a set of hand-in-hand is configured, which consists of the conference host, the chairman unit and the representative unit. U-segment wireless microphone is configured to facilitate mobile speech and venue interaction.
In the conference room audio sound reinforcement system, the audio signals of all sound sources are first pre-amplified by the mixer, pre-processed, and then sent to the power amplifier to drive the sound reinforcement speaker, so as to achieve the realization of the entire sound reinforcement system function.
Improve listening quality: Judicial meetings usually involve complex legal information and case explanations, and participants need to hear the speaker's speech accurately. The sound reinforcement system can spread the speaker's voice to the entire conference room, ensuring that every participant can hear clearly and improve the listening quality of the meeting.
Enhance the sense of audience participation: through the application of sound reinforcement system, participants can better hear the speaker's speech, so as to improve the audience's concentration and understanding ability. Participants easily feel that they have participated in the discussion and decision-making process of the meeting, which promotes the improvement of the meeting effect.
Improve the comfort of the speaker: For the speakers of the meeting, the sound reinforcement system can reduce their sound burden, and do not need to use excessive force to sound, thereby reducing the speaker's voice fatigue. This will guarantee the quality of the speaker's speech and increase their self-confidence in the meeting.
Enhance the effect of meeting information transmission: the sound reinforcement system can ensure that the participants can hear the speaker's speech, especially for large-scale meetings and conference rooms with scattered seats, to ensure the comprehensiveness and accuracy of information transmission. This helps participants to fully understand the content of the meeting and promotes efficient communication and decision-making.
Optimize the conference atmosphere: The application of the conference sound reinforcement system can also enhance the atmosphere of the conference, so that the participants can better feel the seriousness and solemnity of the conference. Through clear voice communication, the atmosphere of the meeting is more professional and formal.

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