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Shanghai Minhang Central Hospital

Minhang District Central Hospital of Shanghai City, located in Xinzhuang Town, Shanghai, was founded in 1969. It is a general hospital and Minhang Hospital affiliated to Fudan University. It has won the titles of "Shanghai civilized unit" and "Shanghai health system civilized unit. Shanghai Minhang Central Hospital is a modern medical institution after years of development. In order to improve the efficiency of internal communication and meetings in the hospital, it has decided to introduce professional digital IP broadcasting system and conference sound reinforcement system. To this end, the hospital chose our Rattop Technology, an audio and video solution service provider, to cooperate.

Shanghai Pudong Hospital

Shanghai Pudong Hospital and Pudong Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University is the largest regional medical center integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation in the southern part of Pudong. Shanghai Pudong Hospital, as an excellent medical institution, in order to meet the growing demand for international exchanges and cooperation, decided to build a set of professional audio technology conference expansion system for the lecture hall to meet the needs of various conferences.

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