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We integrate research and development, production and sales. Our public broadcasting systems include smart cloud platform broadcasting, village-to-village broadcasting, highway broadcasting, visual docking broadcasting, etc. The conference system includes conference speech, professional sound reinforcement, conference periphery and conference tablet all-in-one machine. The signal control system includes distributed audio and video management, paperless conference, central control matrix, conference reservation system, and stage lighting system.

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Audio and video digital products are widely used in education, government, enterprises and institutions, emergency management, smart cities, rail transit, telecommunications, power, manufacturing and other fields


Build core competitiveness, realize enterprise innovation and development, and devote to promoting the construction and development of digital society, so as to create value for customers, serve the society and achieve common prosperity

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Focus on the digital economy industry, let the achievements of science and technology better serve the society and people's livelihood, and realize that science and technology make life better!