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Rostrum speech microphone
  • Rostrum speech microphone

Rostrum speech microphone

Product model: TM-1000

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. All-metal short four-arm design;
    2. High sensitivity microphone core set, the ideal distance pickup distance can reach more than 800mm;
    3. Long distance transmission will not have any impact on the sound quality;
    4. Super anti-mobile phone RF interference;
    5. Scene application: professional recording, TV broadcasting, conference room, etc;

  • 1. radio head: 25mm diameter gold-plated capacitive X4
    2. Output: Cannon three-pin connector, microphone outlet 1.5 m * 4
    3. Pointing characteristics: super heart type
    4. Pickup distance: 800-1000mm
    5. Frequency response: 60-18,000Hz, plus or minus 3db
    6. Sensitivity:-36dB
    7. Output impedance: less than 200 ohms
    8. Maximum sound pressure: 136dB(1% T.H.D. @ 1kHz,0dBSPL = 2x 10 Pa)
    9. Equivalent noise level: 16dB
    10. phantom power supply: 24V ~ 48VDC
    11. Mi Rod Size (Length x Width x Height):170*21(mm)
    12. Base size (length x width x height):250*150*33(mm)
    13. Weight: 2.6Kg

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