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Intelligent AI viewfinder camera
Intelligent AI viewfinder camera
Intelligent AI viewfinder camera
  • Intelligent AI viewfinder camera
  • Intelligent AI viewfinder camera
  • Intelligent AI viewfinder camera

Intelligent AI viewfinder camera

Product model: HS-80AI

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.4K ultra-high definition: 1/2.5 inch 8 million high-quality image sensor is adopted, 4K ultra-high definition is supported, up to 4K @ 30fps image output is provided, clear and realistic ultra-high definition video is presented, and the expressions and movements of characters are vividly displayed. At the same time compatible with 1080P,720P and other resolutions;
    2.EPTZ: support EPTZ, while supporting 4 times electronic magnification;
    3. Built-in pickups: Built-in 2 MIC pickups, omnidirectional pickup, unique noise suppression algorithm, so that your voice is perfect;
    4. Dual code stream: USB3.0 can support the main code stream and sub code stream output at the same time;
    5.AUTO framing function: it has superior face detection function, intelligently zooms and scales according to the number of people in the venue scene, and the characters are centered;
    6. Wide angle distortion-free lens: 80 °, 100 ° ultra-wide angle distortion-free lens optional;
    7. A variety of video output interface: video output interface USB3.0, LAN (Gigabit) optional;
    8. Various audio and video compression standards: support H.264, H.264, MJPEG video compression; Support AAC, MP3, G.711A audio compression; Support up to 3840x 2160 resolution 30 frames/second video compression;
    9. Support POE: Ethernet port supports POE power supply, power supply, control, audio and video can be completed by one network cable;
    Low noise and high signal-to-noise ratio: Low noise CMOS effectively ensures the ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio of the camera video, even in the case of ultra-low illumination, still keep the picture clean and clear;
    11. Installation diversification: free choice of installation and positioning, the device comes with a fixed clip, can be easily installed to the LCD screen, computer display above, can also be placed on the desktop or tripod installation, installation is convenient and reliable;
    12. Easy to use: no need to download the driver, USB output plug and play, with a convenient and concise user experience;
    13. There are many application places: personal video application, video conference, collaborative work and other application scenarios;

  • 1. Video output interface: 1 USB3.0 interface: B port, support audio output
    2. Video compression format: USB3.0:YUV2, MJPG, H.264, H.264
    3. Audio input: 2 way built-in MIC pickup
    4. Angle of view: 92 °(D)/80 °(H)/45 °(V)
    5. Focal length: f = 3.24mm
    6. Aperture: F2.1
    7. Electronic magnification: 4 ×
    8. Minimum illumination: 0.1Lux(F1.8,AGC ON)
    9.USB communication protocol: UVC, UAC
    10.PTZ control: support EPTZ
    11. Weight: about 0.3kg
    12. Size (L×W×H):180mm × 63.7mm × 46.3mm

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