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Array Conference Chairman Microphone
Array Conference Chairman Microphone
Array Conference Chairman Microphone
  • Array Conference Chairman Microphone
  • Array Conference Chairman Microphone
  • Array Conference Chairman Microphone

Array Conference Chairman Microphone

Product model: HS-310C

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Support multiple chairman units, can be installed arbitrarily without location restrictions when connected, and has the priority function of fully controlling the order of the meeting;
    2. The chairman microphone has the chairman priority key function, which can close the representative unit that is speaking;
    3. With video tracking, discussion and other functions, with the host, can achieve first-in, first-out, free speech mode;
    4. No gooseneck design, the speaker and the participants can communicate without hindrance, the speaker also has a better visual effect, the best pickup distance 15-30cm, up to 80CM;
    5. Built-in 13 9.7 gold-plated microphones, and designed with two environmental noise pickup microphones, the maximum guarantee of high-quality voice pickup, suppress environmental noise, while taking into account the analog capacitor sound quality and array directional radio characteristics;
    6. The microphone can be set through the software VIP microphone function, and can be connected with other central control equipment through the 232 interface, so that the use of more flexible and diverse, to meet high-end needs;
    7. Support the circular connection of the main line. The middle disconnection of the main line of the hand-in-hand microphone will not affect the use of the "linear hand-in-hand" connection mode, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, supports cascade connection, is convenient for simultaneous use of multiple systems, and is jointly managed. The system host computer supplies power uniformly, and the input voltage is 24V, thus ensuring safety;
    8. Adopt super anti-interference circuit design, unit T-type 8-core connection, wire adopts full-line aluminum foil and waterline shielding, greatly reducing the interference of strong electromagnetic waves on the wire;
    9. Super anti-mobile phone RF interference, can prevent the interference of mobile phones, radio waves and other electronic products, long-distance transmission will not have any impact on the sound quality;
    10. Microphone standard line: 1.5 meters;

  • 1. Pickup technology: array microphone
    2. pickup output impedance: 200Ω
    3. Directional orientation: broadband
    4. Sensitivity:-38dB
    5. Number of header: 13
    6. Maximum sound pressure level: 113dBSPL @ 1kHz
    7. Output link: eight core wire
    8. pickup distance: 0-80cm
    9. Power supply: +24v
    11. Frequency response: 120Hz ~ 20kHz
    12. Size (depth * width * height):63.5*284*49.5(mm)
    13. Weight: 0.6Kg

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