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True diversity U-segment one-to-two wireless microphone (600 band)
  • True diversity U-segment one-to-two wireless microphone (600 band)

True diversity U-segment one-to-two wireless microphone (600 band)

Product model: UI-880

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. New audio circuit architecture, true diversity microphone;
    2. Automatic search interference-free channel function, more convenient installation;
    3. The maximum output volume can be freely limited, adapt to a wider range;
    4.UHF band, phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesis;
    5.100x 2 value channels, channel interval 250KHz;
    6. True diversity superheterodyne secondary frequency conversion design, with high receiving sensitivity;
    7. The radio frequency part adopts multi-stage high-performance medium traveling wave device, with excellent anti-interference ability;
    8. The first intermediate frequency uses acoustic resonator filter, and the second intermediate frequency uses three-stage ceramic filter, which improves the anti-interference ability;
    9. The microphone uses Tesco's No. 5 battery, and the continuation time is 8-12 hours;
    10. The microphone adopts a unique boost design, and the battery power drop will not affect the overall performance of the microphone;
    The operating radius of the environment is 100-120 meters, which is suitable for various occasions;
    12. With infrared automatic frequency function;
    13. Standard: host * 1 handheld * 2;
    14. It is recommended to stack 3-4 sets of single machine type;

  • 1. Frequency range: 640-690MHz(± 0.25MHz)
    2. Adjustable channel number: 100x 2
    3. Oscillation mode: PLL frequency synthesis (PL)
    4. Frequency stability: ± 10ppm
    5. Receiving mode: true diversity superheterodyne secondary frequency conversion
    6. Pilot mode: digital pilot
    7. Audio frequency response: 60-13000Hz
    8. Harmonic distortion: W0.5%
    9. SNR: 350dB
    10. Audio output: balanced output and mixed output
    11. Receiving sensitivity:-95dBm
    12. Microphone harmonic suppression:-30dB
    13. Microphone modulation: FM (FM)
    14. Microphone FM mode: infrared frequency
    15. Maximum microphone offset: ± 45KHz
    16. Microphone RF power output: 3-30mW
    17. microphone pickup head: moving coil type
    18. Microphone power supply: 2 AA batteries
    19. Microphone battery life: about 8 hours
    20. Power specification DC12V/2A
    21. product size: with angle code (480*165*50)MM standard (420*165*50)MM
    22. Weight: 3.4 KG/set

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