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Cable Digital Discussion Conference Speech Delegate Unit
  • Cable Digital Discussion Conference Speech Delegate Unit

Cable Digital Discussion Conference Speech Delegate Unit

Product model: WF-830B

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Standard CAT5e is used as the connecting line and RJ45 connector, which is convenient for standardized engineering wiring installation and later maintenance. The attached installation clamp makes the system firmer and more stable;
    2. The representative unit has a one-key speech function and receives the control of the chairman unit;
    3. With OLED display, current time display, speaking time display, power display, signal strength display;
    4. Using low delay technology, the minimum delay from microphone to speaker output is less than 10ms;
    5. Built-in fidelity speakers, sound clear, high fidelity sound quality;
    6. Dual headphone interface design, adjustable volume, can be used by 2 people, can also be a headphone interface as a recording output, convenient for reporters, customers and other participants to record the meeting;
    7. The unit has a linein interface, supports head-mounted microphone or line input function, and can be connected to mobile phones, notebooks, etc. to upload audio, conduct telephone and network meetings;
    Fully digital signal processing to eliminate RF interference from mobile phones and other similar devices;
    9. Removable straw, super sound pickup ability, support different length straw;
    10. Support AGC technology, realize no microphone, the volume is unchanged, the range of human activity is larger, 16-segment equalization is independently adjusted, sensitivity is independently adjusted, and noise gate control is realized;
    11. With clock display function, you can set a time limit to speak, time to remind or automatically close the unit;
    12. Support RFID card authentication, sign-in, discussion; The chairman has priority control: "OPEN" open mode, "VOICE" voice control mode, "FIFO" first-in-first-out mode;
    13. Overall dimensions: 185 × 130 × 50mm (width × depth × height) (excluding microphone rod)
    14. Weight: 1.1kg

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