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Shaking head beam lamp (260W)
Shaking head beam lamp (260W)
  • Shaking head beam lamp (260W)
  • Shaking head beam lamp (260W)

Shaking head beam lamp (260W)

Product model: WG-260

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Channel mode: DMX512;
    2. Number of channels: 16/20 channels;
    3. Control mode: DMX512 mode;
    4. Dimming: mechanical linear dimming 0~100;
    5. Color plate: 13 color pieces of white light (can be half color effect);
    6. Pattern plate: 13 solid white light;
    7. Prism plate: 8 prisms, 48 honeycomb diamond mirror, double prism can be superimposed, can be two-way independent rotation;
    8. Atomization effect: 1 independent atomization effect, soft and natural spot;
    9. Stepper motor: three-phase motor, silent fast motherboard;
    10. Color film: 1 colorful color film
    11. Accessories: power cord * 1, Cannon line * 1, light suspension bridge * 2;

  • 1. Supply voltage/frequency: AC110V-240V,50/60Hz
    2. Peak power: 350W
    3. Rated power: 300W
    4. Light source: 260W new imported bulb
    5. Color temperature: 6700K
    6. Net weight: 14.8kg
    7. Gross weight: 17kg
    8. Lamp body size: 320x220x580mm
    9. Packing size: 400x330x680mm

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