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(Xinchuang) Domestic paperless file management host (Mega Core)
  • (Xinchuang) Domestic paperless file management host (Mega Core)

(Xinchuang) Domestic paperless file management host (Mega Core)

Product model: SF-8000KH-A

  • Product Features
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  • Centralized and effective management of the paperless conference system in one or more conference rooms (depending on the software) through the LAN to improve the interactive transmission, management and information backup of the paperless conference system. Domestic paperless document management host (Megacore) (installation (Xinchuang) paperless conference system background management program software V2.0) manages and distributes documents from multiple terminals in the conference room, improving the ability of paperless conference system to exchange information transmission, management and information security backup. Responsible for the processing of conference documents, mainly supporting the functions of signing in, voting, document projection, document on-screen and document annotation on the screen of the conference terminal. The conference process documents can be stored in the paperless conference server in real time.

    1. Operating system: Kirin system;
    2. Processor: megacore KX-U6780A, eight nuclear, 2.7GHz;
    3、BIOS:BYO BIOS、64MbFlash ROM;
    4. Memory: standard 1*16G DDR4;
    5. Display: integrated display (HDMI VGA);
    6. Network function: 2*10/100/1000Mbps adaptive network port (Realtek), support remote wake-up;
    7. Hard disk bit: standard 1TB SSD solid state disk;
    8. I/O interface: 1 * HDMI,1 * VGA, 2 * LAN, 1 * COM RS232, 8 * USB(4 * USB3.0, 2 * USB2.0, 2 * USB2.0 (front)), 1 * MIC in, 1 * Line out, 1 * DC power supply port;
    9. Compatible motherboard: Mini-ITX motherboard;
    10. Power supply mode: DC19V power input, standard 120W power adapter;

  • 1. Working temperature: 0 ℃-50 ℃,5% ~ 95% (non-condensing state);
    2. Storage temperature:-10 ℃-60 ℃,5% ~ 95% (non-condensing state);
    3. Box material: high-quality floweless galvanized steel sheet;
    4. Installation method: upper shelf type or desktop type;
    5. Overall dimension (W * H * D):428*88.5*400 (mm);

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