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Wireless Screen Cast
  • Wireless Screen Cast

Wireless Screen Cast

Product model: PTB5100

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.HDMI receiver and USB transmitter used at the same time, connected to the computer, the player can achieve a key screen;
    2. Support 4K ultra-high definition resolution, and support multi-screen mode, to achieve dual users with the same screen display;
    3. Support screen return function, realize mouse, touch device back control;
    4. Support multi-system device wireless screen, can support Apple, Android, Windows and other system devices to screen;
    5. Support enterprise-level routing encryption protocol access, adopt 5G Hz wireless connection mode, and freely choose the screen mode or frequency band according to the screen device and environment;
    6. Support system online update, OTA update, you can get the latest version of system support;

  • 1. Output resolution: 4096x 2160 @ 24hz, 3840x 2160 @ 30hz, 3840x 2160 @ 25hz, 3840x 2160 @ 24hz, 1920x 1080 @ 60Hz, 1280x 720 @ 60hz
    2. Hardware interface: HDMI (HDMI1.4);USB-A;RJ45;
    3. Power supply: DC/5V, 2A
    4. Weight: 0.8KG
    5. Product size: 113.6*106*22.6mm

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