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Four-way high-voltage dimmer
  • Four-way high-voltage dimmer

Four-way high-voltage dimmer

Product model: LT-5602

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • The four-way dimmer is a four-way high-power incandescent lamp dimming device, E-Bus-RS-232 communication mode, and supports the use of programmable control host and third-party programmable control host. Support 4-way incandescent lamp brightness at the same time or separately adjust, support environmental illumination preset, system applications are often used to complete the storage and recall of environmental illumination scenes.

    Technical parameters:
    1. Single power: ≤ 1200W
    2. Total power: ≤ 4000W
    3. Communication mode: E-Bus & RS-232
    4. Control mode: controlled by programmable control host
    5. Power supply: 220V/AC/50Hz
    6. Number of dimming channels: 4
    7. Installation method: flat or wall hanging
    8. Overall dimension: 260mm × 150mm × 80mm(L×W×D)
    9. Weight: 2.5Kg
    10. Product size: length 260mm * width 150mm * height 80mm

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