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Digital Audio Processor (4 in 8 out)
  • Digital Audio Processor (4 in 8 out)

Digital Audio Processor (4 in 8 out)

Product model: BS-6305S

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.4 in 8 out professional audio processor, using 96kHz sampling frequency, 300Mhz high-performance floating-point processor technology high-performance professional speaker processor;
    2. Built-in mixing matrix, each channel with gain, phase, delay, equalization, mute and other functions to adjust;
    3. The front panel has LCD display screen to display the corresponding work information, USB interface, can realize drive-free connection software, comes with WiFi interface, can realize wireless remote control;
    4. Input and output channels are charged with frequency indicator lights, input and output channel limit level indicators, mute lights, etc;
    5. Support 4-channel balanced input audio channel, 8-channel balanced audio output channel;
    6. Each input channel: gain adjustment, individual channel inversion, 1000ms delay adjustment, 30-segment diagram equalization, 8-segment EQ equalization adjustment and mute setting;
    7. Each output channel: mixing settings, gain, individual channel inversion, 1000ms delay adjustment, 3 high and low pass filters, 9-segment EQ equalization adjustment, pressure limiter and mute settings;
    8. The software supports 24 groups of mode preset functions, which can set password protection, set data, and prevent parameters from being viewed;
    9. Support channel parameter copying, pressure limiter parameters can be quickly copied and pasted, and the operation is easier;
    10. The software can set the input and output channel label, quickly identify the channel type;
    11. Product size HxWxD:45mm x 485mm x 265mm
    12. Net weight: 4kg

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