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Digital Conference Audio Processor (4 in 8 out)
Digital Conference Audio Processor (4 in 8 out)
  • Digital Conference Audio Processor (4 in 8 out)
  • Digital Conference Audio Processor (4 in 8 out)

Digital Conference Audio Processor (4 in 8 out)

Product model: BS-6305

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. High performance professional speaker processor technology, 96k24BIT sampling rate
    2. Built-in compressor, sub-limit, frequency divider, time delay, equalizer, mixing matrix and other DSP functions
    3. The front panel LCD display can display the IP address of the current device
    4. Input and output are equipped with signal indicator lights, and a silent signal indication
    5. Support 4 MIC input, 8 balanced audio output channels, input to provide noise gate function, output to provide compressor, compression limiter can
    6. Each input and output channel provides professional 7-segment equalization adjustment, high and low pass filter, and input and output channel delay adjustment function
    7. All-pass filter AIIpass
    8. Built-in signal generator: sine wave signal, pink noise, white noise and other functions are rich, more suitable for project site debugging
    9. Through software adjustment, the parameters can be adjusted more clearly. The control software supports one-key mute, the operation interface supports Chinese and English switching, and can realize centralized control of multiple processors.
    10. Support channel parameter replication and channel parameter linkage adjustment, store various configuration parameters of the machine in a storage file, and provide preset scene configuration and parameter switching and restoration for multiple devices or different usage scenarios
    11. Scene saving can archive 24 scenes (including automatic files, default files, etc.) to meet the flexible calling of different scenes
    12.USB drive-free automatic connection software, support RS232 central control, support TCPIP wired
    13. Optional Configuration of Dante Module

  • 1. Signal processing: ADI SHARC 21489
    2. Audio system delay: 2.8ms
    3. Digital to analog conversion: 24-bit
    4. Sampling rate: 96kHz
    5. Input channel: 4-way balanced input. line level
    6. Audio interface: Karnon head male and female
    7. Input impedance: 22kΩ
    8. Maximum input level: 16dBu/Line
    9. Output channel: 8-way balanced output, line level
    10. Output impedance: 150Ω
    11. Frequency response curve: 20Hz-40kHz(± 0.5dB)/Line
    12. Bottom noise: 20Hz-20kHz,A-wt,-93dBu
    13.THD N:-90dB(@0dBu,1kHz,A-wt)/Line
    14. SNR: 108dB(@ 16dBu,1kHz,A-wt)/Line
    15. Power supply range: AC90V---264V 50/60Hz
    16. Working temperature:-20 ℃ -80 ℃
    17. Size (length * width * height):483*215*44.5mm
    18. Net weight: 3.2kg

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