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Six-way mixer (with frequency shift)
Six-way mixer (with frequency shift)
  • Six-way mixer (with frequency shift)
  • Six-way mixer (with frequency shift)

Six-way mixer (with frequency shift)

Product model: BS-6301F

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. With six balanced/unbalanced microphone input, each with 48V phantom power supply function;
    2. Each microphone is equipped with 5cm-50cm pickup distance to adjust arbitrarily, each microphone volume is adjusted independently, anti-static knob design, deceleration noise source;
    3.6 channel microphone input, 6 channel 6.35 audio input, two balanced output, one line input, one line output, support cascade expansion;
    4. Each microphone and line input have independent switch selection of frequency shift effect, support one-key feedback suppression, manual frequency shift switching of external input and manual audio switching of six microphones;
    5. Switch/indication: boat switch, panel power indicator, frequency shift switch indication switch indication, visual performance of audio suppression state;
    6. To ensure the quality of voice transmission, fidelity, clear voice, can effectively suppress howling;

  • 1. Line input impedance: ≥ 5KΩ
    2. Line output impedance: ≤ 600Ω
    3. Acoustic gain boost: 5-14dB
    4. Frequency shift: 5Hz ± 1Hz
    5. Frequency response: non-frequency shift state: 20Hz-20KHz/frequency shift state: 150Hz-15KHz
    6. Power: 15W
    7. Output voltage: output phantom 48V
    8. Output current: 6.5mA
    9. Power supply mode: AC ~ 220V-230V,50/60Hz
    10. Weight: 2.60KG;
    11. Specifications (length * width * height) mm:1U chassis 420*205*44.

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