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Outdoor waterproof wireless microphone amplifier (400-950MHz)
  • Outdoor waterproof wireless microphone amplifier (400-950MHz)

Outdoor waterproof wireless microphone amplifier (400-950MHz)

Product model: UI-300F

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  • 1. The antenna distribution system consists of an antenna distributor. 2 directional antenna, can be used for multiple receivers, so that the received signal to obtain a better noise ratio, increase the receiving distance and stability, provide four sets of power input to the receiver, easy to install the project;
    2.UHF antenna distribution system is specially used for large UHF wireless system. Each unit can have four wireless receivers using the same two antennas, and the cascade port can be connected to four receivers;
    3. It can be compatible with all wireless microphone receivers working in the compatible frequency range, and can amplify and compensate the signal to ensure that it provides a strong signal for the receiver with low distortion;
    4. Large wireless systems can work with a pair of antennas, with low noise and intermodulation distortion;
    5. Insertion loss compensation. When the signal is split into multiple output ports, the signal strength will be attenuated;
    6. Directional front-install antenna;
    7. Accessories: host coaxial line 50cm x 10, fan blade coaxial line 3 m x2, gain antenna x2, power DC connection line x4, power adapter, wall mount bracket x2;

  • 1. Applicable frequency range: 400-950MHz
    2. Adjustment: 31 gear
    3. Input truncation point: 22dBm
    4. Noise Ratio: 4.0dBType(CenterBand)
    5. Impedance: 50Ω
    6.增益: 6-9dB(CenterBand)
    7. Output impedance: 15dBmin
    8. Bandwidth: 450MHz
    9. Connector: BNC socket
    10. Host size: 480x180x44
    11. Antenna size: 353x335x130mm
    12. Weight: 5.9KG
    13. Power supply: DC12-18V
    14. Current consumption: 170mA

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