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Meeting Chair Unit (discussion)
  • Meeting Chair Unit (discussion)

Meeting Chair Unit (discussion)

Product model: HS-610A

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • The unit has a 2.8-inch LCD monochrome display, using environmentally friendly materials, high-end texture, stylish and elegant design;
    The chairman unit has the function of the chairman priority key, which can close the representative unit who is speaking, so as to control the order and atmosphere of the meeting;
    The conference system supports quickly assigning ID to the conference unit to make the system more stable;
    Built-in high-performance CPU processing core, 48KHz audio sampling frequency, clear and bright sound, restore CD sound quality;
    The host can uniformly adjust the treble, bass and volume of the unit, and can adjust the sound effect according to the on-site speech;
    Support the "hot plug" of the line, which can increase the microphone access system at any time;
    "T-type" hand-in-hand connection is adopted between units, which is easy to wire and convenient for construction management;
    Unit with a 3.5mm input socket, support line input function, can be connected to mobile phones, notebooks and other input audio;
    The unit is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone output jack with adjustable volume and can be connected to recording equipment, which is convenient for users to record meetings;

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