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Conference Delegate Unit (Vote Video Follow-up Discussion)
  • Conference Delegate Unit (Vote Video Follow-up Discussion)

Conference Delegate Unit (Vote Video Follow-up Discussion)

Product model: HS-630B

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. The unit has a 2.8-inch LCD monochrome display screen, using environmentally friendly materials, high-end texture, stylish and elegant design;
    2. The unit has multi-function voting keys, which can realize meeting voting, meeting sign-in, meeting discussion and other functions without PC software;
    3. The unit can be matched with PC software to switch the voting form of the meeting, and can freely switch the three-key meeting voting, five-key meeting election and five-key meeting evaluation. At the same time, the sign-in and voting results can be projected to the sub-screen;
    4. The unit can realize camera tracking function and support preset panoramic position;
    5. The chairman unit has the chairman priority key function, which can close the representative unit who is speaking, so as to control the order and atmosphere of the meeting;
    6. The conference system supports the rapid allocation of ID to the conference unit, making the system more stable;
    7. Built-in high-performance CPU processing core, 48KHz audio sampling frequency, clear and bright sound, restore CD sound quality;
    8. The host can uniformly adjust the treble, bass and volume of the unit, and can adjust the sound effect according to the on-site speech;
    9. Support line "hot plug", can increase the microphone access system at any time;
    10. "T-type" hand-in-hand connection is adopted between units, which is easy to wire and convenient for construction management;
    11. Unit with a 3.5mm input socket, support line input function, can be connected to mobile phones, notebooks and other input audio;
    12. The unit is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone output jack with adjustable volume and can be connected to recording equipment, which is convenient for users to record meetings;

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