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Condenser Conference Microphone
  • Condenser Conference Microphone

Condenser Conference Microphone

Product model: TM-200L

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Anti-electromagnetic interference, mobile phone interference new technology, with anti-electromagnetic, anti-mobile phone interference function, effectively eliminate the conference microphone in the use of the process due to electromagnetic or mobile phone interference generated by noise;
    2. Super-directional capacitive microphone core, with reasonable auxiliary electro-acoustic circuit, making it more broad and flat frequency response, fully showing high fidelity, clear and bright;
    3. Standard extension line: 5 meters

  • 1. Energy conversion mode: permanent polarity capacitive lifting head
    2. Directivity: Unidirectional
    3. Frequency response: 50~16KHz
    4. Output impedance: 160Ω
    5. Sensitivity:-36dBV ± 2dB
    6. Maximum sound pressure level: 122dB
    7. SNR: 65dB
    8. Power supply: DC48V
    9. Effective pickup distance: 20-40cm
    10. tube length: 30cm
    11. Other: anti-mobile phone, electromagnetic interference
    12. Output: Balanced
    13. Length, width and height: 143mm * 110mm * 50mm tube length: 226mm
    14. Weight: 1.7KG

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