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Computer shaking head cutting lamp (380W)
Computer shaking head cutting lamp (380W)
Computer shaking head cutting lamp (380W)
Computer shaking head cutting lamp (380W)
  • Computer shaking head cutting lamp (380W)
  • Computer shaking head cutting lamp (380W)
  • Computer shaking head cutting lamp (380W)
  • Computer shaking head cutting lamp (380W)

Computer shaking head cutting lamp (380W)

Product model: WGV-C380

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Control protocol (standard): standard DMX512 protocol, RDM
    2. Control mode: international standard DMX512 signal, self-walking, master-slave;
    3. Control protocol (optional): wireless DMX512 control, Phoenix plug-in for DMX transfer, Art-net Ethernet control protocol, sACN protocol
    4. Number of channels: 20 and 28 channels are optional;
    5. Zoom angle: 4.2 ° ~ 29.5 ° (pattern mode)
    6. Linear dimming: double-chip mechanical dimming, linear dimming 0~100%.
    7. High-speed strobe: double-sided channel strobe, a variety of speed strobe effect.
    8. Atomization: 0%-100 atomization
    9. Color disc: 1 color disc: 11 color white light, any half-color effect, with two-way rotating rainbow effect.
    10. Pattern plate: pattern plate: 1 fixed pattern plate, 14 patterns plus white circles; 1 rotating pattern plate, 8 patterns plus white circles
    Magnetic positioning function, easy to initial position correction and maintenance
    11. Cutting function: a set of two-directional graphics cutting system, cutting precise positioning
    12. Prism disc: prism 1: eight prism, can be two-way rotation and superposition
    Prism 2: sixteen prisms, can be two-way rotation and superposition
    Prism 3: Atomization
    13. Index function and 16Bit precise fine adjustment.
    14. Communication design: equipped with DMX three-core transmission and direct transmission signal interface
    15. Horizontal/vertical: horizontal scanning angle is 540 and vertical scanning angle is 270. The horizontal/vertical movement speed can be adjusted to automatically complete the horizontal/vertical correction optocoupler positioning function, which is convenient for initial position correction and maintenance of vertical locking function to prevent lamp damage during transportation. Low noise/large torque, stable operation and fast response: X-axis horizontal scanning speed is 2.2 seconds and Y-axis horizontal scanning speed is 1.0 seconds.

    16. Display interface: LCD display in Chinese and English, beautiful and simple to use. The built-in Ni-MH battery can control the system normally when the power is off
    17. Cooling system: One in one out design, cooling fan, and dust-proof cooling window.

  • 1. Voltage: AC90V-240V,50/60Hz
    2. Total power: 530W
    3. Light source: Philips 380W bulb life 1500H
    4. Illumination: illumination: ten meters/390000
    5. Color temperature: 7800K
    6. Protection level: IP20, optional rain cover protection level up to IP54.
    7. Lamp connection: 3-pin signal line input and output and the first fast in-line DMX signal interface, power input
    8. Lamp packing: Waterproof and shockproof air box or carton.
    9. Product size: 659*422*301mm
    10. Packing size (carton):730*430*540mm
    11. Net weight: 24.2kgs
    12. Gross weight (carton):28.3kgs
    13. Accessories: folding lamp hook, safety rope, a power cord, a signal line, manual, factory certificate and warranty card

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