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Product model: WT-4805

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.I3 9th generation processor, Samsung DDR4 memory module, Asus motherboard, 120G solid state drive, 4G operating memory;
    2.7 DMX output ports, 3584 DMX512 channels. Expandable to 32 DMX outputs, 16384 DMX channels;
    3.15.6 inch capacitive screen, Chinese and English can be switched at will;
    4. With 6000 lamp keys, the maximum can be connected to 6000 lamps;
    5. The maximum storage of 600 lamps group;
    6. Materials are divided into fifteen categories, each of which can store 200 materials. A total of 3000 materials can be stored;
    7. Can store 2700 scenes, of which multi-step scenes have unlimited steps;
    8. The scene window can run 20 at the same time, the push rod can run 15 at the same time, and can expand 30 outside;
    9. Built-in 163 commonly used fixed graphics and 43 kinds of curve effects, you can modify the graphics and curve effects through parameters;
    10. Can load 60 graphics effects at the same time, any combination;
    11. With 6 fan modes, you can modify the fan effect through the skill dialog box;
    12.400 programs can be stored;
    13. Special dialog box, through the color board, color or color presets, quick call color;
    14. Vector bitmap function, simulation of field layout emissions, to promote the control of lamps and lanterns more accurate and convenient;
    15. Each working window can be linearly zoomed and saved as a view to facilitate continuous calling;
    16. Paragraph operation method, which can run in sections at will for attributes, time, graphics, etc;
    17. Built-in music player, easy to make up the show and rehearsal record;
    18. Support graffiti handwriting or custom naming and other functions;
    19. Use the XML format light library. Built-in lamp library editing software, can be written directly on the console can also be written on the computer;
    20. Copy into the console (the lamp library can add segment sets and quickly select attribute features);
    21. Support wired ART-Net function (light simulator), can be used as practice and simulation programming;
    22. Support wireless ART-Net function, intelligent control, AI technology, remote use of mobile phones or IPAD control;

  • 1. Power supply: AC 100 -240V / 50-60Hz
    2. Net weight: 22KG
    3. Gross weight: 32KG
    4. Product size: 500*570*310mm
    5. Packing size of air box: 770*590*295mm

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