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Product model: WT-2402S

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Control mode: DMX512/1990 standard;
    2. Channel mode: maximum 1024 DMX control channels, two photoelectric isolation signal output;
    3. Maximum control 120 computer lights or 120-way dimming;
    4. Use pearl lamp library (R20 format lamp library), and the lamp library can be written on the console;
    5. LCD display with backlight;
    6. Built-in graphics trajectory generator, there are 227 built-in graphics;
    7. Support computer lights for graphic track control, such as drawing circle, spiral, rainbow, chasing and other effects;
    8. Graphic parameters (such as: amplitude, speed, interval, wave, direction) can be set independently;
    9. Each scene can save the number of graphics 5; At the same time can run the number of graphics 10;
    10. There is a program recording function, up to 100 programs can be stored, light show demonstration once and for all;
    11. A dazzling light show with built-in time code and external MIDI trigger function to realize one-key sound and light synchronization;
    12. The scene can realize overlapping function, and the graph has width parameters;
    13. With advanced marshalling function;
    14. Can store 100 materials, material sharing or independent material can be set at will;
    15. There are four kinds of material storage modes, which are flexible and convenient for material storage and call;
    16. Can store 120 replay scenes, used to store multi-step scenes and single-step scenes. Each multi-step scene can store up to 600 single steps;
    17.12 replay scenes can be output and run simultaneously;
    18. With 12 centralized control push rods, key point control and push rod centralized control compatible;
    19. Support to re-match the address code, vertical horizontal exchange, channel output reverse and other functions;
    20. Data such as shutdown or sudden power failure can be memorized and maintained;
    21.U disk can back up the console data and support re-import to the console. The console data of the same model can be shared;
    22. Support remote software upgrade and add new functions anytime and anywhere;
    23. With pre-programming function, offline pre-programming;
    24. The preset push rod can control the attributes of the computer lamp;
    25. Support immediate black field and scene interlocking;
    26. Professional gooseneck work lamp, suitable for indoor and outdoor performance use (optional);
    27. Direct connection to central control and remote control through network port;

  • 1. Power supply: AC 100 -240V/50-60Hz,
    2. Net weight: 9.3KG
    3. Product size: 500*460*120mm

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