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Rail LED Dimmer (0-10V)
Rail LED Dimmer (0-10V)
Rail LED Dimmer (0-10V)
Rail LED Dimmer (0-10V)
  • Rail LED Dimmer (0-10V)
  • Rail LED Dimmer (0-10V)
  • Rail LED Dimmer (0-10V)
  • Rail LED Dimmer (0-10V)

Rail LED Dimmer (0-10V)

Product model: LT-5602L

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • The guide rail type 4-way 0-10V dimming signal driver is an LED driver that provides 0-10V dimming voltage. It is installed by wall-mounted guide rail of distribution box. The single machine supports 4-way 0-10V output, RS485 or CAN communication mode (1 out of 2), 4-way simultaneous or independent adjustment, storage and calling functions of scenes, and can be applied to LED dimming and other application scenarios supporting 0-10V control, it can be used in conjunction with the cloud central control host to realize various intelligent controls.
    Product features:
    1. Support CAN bus/RS485 bus control mode (optional);
    2. Support local key level 6 dimming;
    3. Support channel status feedback function, support real-time query channel status
    5. Device ID can be set manually, support multi-machine cascade;
    6. Support environment illumination preset and call;
    7. Four-way 0-10V output;

  • 1. Output voltage: 0-10V, single channel support 8 street lights at the same time control
    2. Output channel: 4 way
    3. Control mode: CAN (baud rate 125kbps) RS485 (baud rate 9600bps)
    4. Knob panel control: button control (6 level dimming)
    5. Device ID: manually adjustable, electronic display
    6. Single maximum output current: 5mA
    7. Power supply: bus DC24V
    8. Power consumption:<1W
    9.P bit: 4P bit
    10. Installation method: rail installation
    11. Size (MM):72 × 90 × 63mm(L×W×H)
    12. Weight: 0.2kg

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