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Pure discussion conference representative unit
  • Pure discussion conference representative unit

Pure discussion conference representative unit

Product model: HS-860B

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. The representative unit has a one-key speech function and receives the control of the chairman unit;
    2. Support single discussion function, and cooperate with the host computer to realize first-in, first-out and free speech mode;
    3. Stable plug-in microphone design with locking, heart-shaped directional electret gooseneck microphone, high sensitivity microphone design, optimal pickup distance of 15-30cm, up to 50cm;
    4. The microphone with 73*20mmLED display, can display the microphone ID number, speaking time display and other display;
    5. The speaking switch button is equipped with a light-transmitting speaking pattern, which is always on when speaking, and the top of the microphone is equipped with a speaking lamp ring indication, which can show the current unit speaking and closing status;
    6. "Linear hand in hand" connection mode, easy to install and maintain, support cascade, convenient for multiple systems to use at the same time, common management, unified power supply by the system host, input voltage is 24V, safety assurance;
    7. Adopt super anti-interference circuit design, unit T-type 8-core connection, wire adopts full-line aluminum foil and waterline shielding, greatly reducing the interference of strong electromagnetic waves on the wire;
    8. Super anti-mobile phone RF interference, can prevent the interference of mobile phones, radio waves and other electronic products, long-distance transmission will not have any impact on the sound quality;
    9. Microphone standard line: 1.5 meters

  • 1. Screen size: 73*20(mm)
    2. Pickup distance: 0-500mm
    3. Audio frequency response: 40Hz-19KHz
    4. Sensitivity:-42dB ± 3dB
    5. SNR:-80dB
    6. Harmonic distortion:<0.3%(1KHz)
    7. Power supply: DC24V
    8. Mimi rod length: 370mm
    9. Weight: 0.85Kg
    10. Size (depth * width * height):118*185*36(mm)
    11. Working temperature:-20 ℃-50 ℃

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