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The Windows version of the wisdom of paperless server management software
  • The Windows version of the wisdom of paperless server management software

The Windows version of the wisdom of paperless server management software

Product model: WIN-8000-SF

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Paperless conference interactive system based on mobile Internet, modern communication technology, audio technology, video technology, software technology, through the electronic exchange of documents to achieve paperless conference;
    2. The client software is based on the CS architecture BS application and installed on the control host to provide the background operation of all functions of the paperless system before, during and after the meeting, which greatly improves the security and avoids the disclosure of the meeting content due to web access to the server;
    3. The system realizes full digital management and supports Ethernet network connection modes. The central node of the system is connected in Gigabit Ethernet mode, cascade expansion is all realized through network cables, and the terminal adopts wired communication networking mode, which has good adaptability to conference halls and temporary venues of various specifications.
    4. Security and confidentiality: operating system password as the first level of security protection. At the beginning of the meeting, the participants enter the system to hold the meeting after entering the password. After the meeting, the data can be sorted out by entering the password for secondary verification and confirmation. For important documents, burn after reading can be set;
    5. The conference background can rename all devices and view the online and offline status of the devices. The function modules of the client can be sorted, increased or decreased, displayed in single and double columns;
    6. Powerful administrator mode, can set up multiple background administrators, each administrator to create a meeting between each other confidential, super administrator has the highest authority, can add delete ordinary administrators;
    7. Pre-conference management: add, modify and delete participant information and support template upload; Add, modify and delete meetings, control the start and end of meetings, add agendas to meetings and set up topic-related documents;
    8. Management during the meeting: the check-in status of the participants can be seen in real time; The countdown can be controlled to vote and the results can be displayed on the large screen in real time. Can demand the large screen, control the video playback, and can initiate the large screen on the same screen; Receive the call service request of the participants and process it;
    9. Post-conference management: Conference data can be exported and archived according to the conference directory. The annotation files of the participants can be filed in the directory according to the names of the participants;
    10. Remote control software: convenient meeting management, without entering the computer room, you can remotely carry out all the management of the meeting;
    11. Support questionnaire, voting and other functions, support temporary entry in the meeting, select participants and voters, and the voting authority of the meeting can be selected, and people without voting authority will not show voting. After the meeting, the results can be exported to Excel to view the results;
    12. Support multi-channel multi-window function: remote video conference HD 1080P real-time video access (1-4 channels), support simultaneous playing of multiple stored video files (1-8), all video windows can be dragged, enlarged and reduced at will; The window is suspended on the top of the desktop, that is, watching the video while watching the document;
    13. Support the conference communication module. During the conference, participants can interact with each other in point-to-point text, documents, etc., and can choose point-to-point, point-to-point and group sending;
    14. Support multi-conference management function, distributed set up a background to support multiple conference room modes, conference rooms are independent of each other, different meetings in different conference rooms can be held at the same time, support modification of the start and end time of the meeting, and set confidential or non-confidential mode;
    15. Support customization of secondary development functions and docking with office OA system.

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