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U-segment one-to-four wireless conference microphone (600 band)
  • U-segment one-to-four wireless conference microphone (600 band)

U-segment one-to-four wireless conference microphone (600 band)

Product model: UI-5000

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Anti-interference antenna, can bypass the metal cabinet for wireless signal shielding, effective working distance of 200 meters
    2. The gooseneck arm adopts modular technology to realize the separation from the base
    3. Use electronic volume control
    4. With lock key function to prevent human misoperation
    5. With unlock/lock ID function, more professional
    6. Super anti-interference ability, can effectively suppress the noise caused by the external interference and the same frequency interference
    7. Using eight channel receiving design, can connect four wireless conference microphone
    8. A key to modify the two-channel frequency group, two channels at the same time to modify the frequency group, convenient debugging and installation
    9. Cooperate with OLED LCD screen to display volume, module, frequency, AF/RF signal intensity and setting operation
    10. Use electronic volume control
    11. With lock key function to prevent human misoperation
    12. Infrared data automatic synchronization function (SYNC): four channels four independent SYNC buttons
    13. With the antenna distribution system can achieve full coverage of the venue wireless signal
    14. Metal enclosure 1U standard cabinet design, easy installation
    15. The gooseneck microphone rod adopts modular technology, which not only realizes the separation from the base, but also makes the pickup head module and the microphone module independent.
    16. Standard gold-plated diaphragm capacitive super-heart directional pickup head module and brass microphone module
    17. Strong anti-RF/GSM signal interference capability
    18. Unit keys and microphone rod with indicator light, can intuitively reflect the microphone on/off state
    19. With OLED display, full Chinese display mode, clearly and clearly display the working frequency or channel, battery power, switch status, etc.
    20. Take AA x 3 battery installation design
    21. Application of PLL RF stabilization technology, accurate frequency, stable and reliable work
    22. Balanced and non-balanced two choice of output ports to adapt to different equipment connection needs.
    23. The intermediate frequency is rich, the sound is magnetic and mixed thick.
    24. Infrared frequency and transmitter can be exchanged.
    25. With antenna amplifier, can be stacked machine 7-8 sets;

  • (1) True diversity four-channel wireless microphone receiver host
    1. Frequency range: 651-697MHz(± 0.25)
    2. Adjustable channel number: 50 x 4
    3. Oscillation mode: phase-locked loop frequency synthesis (PLL)
    4. Frequency stability: ± 10ppm
    5. Receiving mode: true diversity superheterodyne secondary frequency conversion
    6. Pilot mode: digital pilot
    7. Audio frequency response: 60-13000Hz
    8. Harmonic distortion: ≤ 0.5%
    9. SNR ≥ 50dB
    10. Audio output: balanced output and mixed output
    11. Receiving sensitivity:-95dBm
    12. Power supply specification: DC12V/2A
    13. Product size (length * width * height):(ear length: 480mm)420*195*45mm
    14. Weight: 6KG

    (2) True diversity wireless conference microphone
    1. Frequency range: 651-697MHz
    2. Adjustable channel number: 200
    3. Oscillation mode: phase-locked loop frequency synthesis (PLL)
    4. Harmonic suppression:-30dB
    5. Modulation mode: frequency modulation (FM)
    6. FM mode: infrared frequency
    7. Maximum offset: -45KHz
    8.RF power output: 3-30mW
    9. Pickup head: capacitive
    10. Power supply: 3 AA batteries
    11. Battery life: about 8 hours

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