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U-segment one-to-four wireless conference microphone (500 band)
  • U-segment one-to-four wireless conference microphone (500 band)

U-segment one-to-four wireless conference microphone (500 band)

Product model: UI-2000

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. The automatic frequency selection receiving mode of digital locking frequency synthesis is adopted, and the receiving frequency is not only accurate but also can quickly select or switch channels, so that users can freely change frequencies when using multiple frequencies and overcome the problem of frequency selection interference;
    2. Preset 200 specially selected frequencies, free to switch to select channels that do not interfere with each other;
    3. The host and microphone unit are equipped with LCD display, showing the current working frequency and unit battery power, etc;
    4. Digital pilot ID code verification to eliminate signs of crosstalk interference;
    5. Automatic one-click search for clean channels to simplify the difficulty of installation and debugging when multiple sets are used in the same field;
    6. One key infrared automatic synchronization frequency data;
    7. A key to automatically scan the idle frequency;
    8. Balanced and unbalanced audio output, suitable for a variety of ways;
    9. The maximum use range of 100 meters, the ideal use range of 50-70 meters;
    10. A set of host can be equipped with 4 desktop wireless microphones, fully automatic frequency;
    11. Each microphone unit uses 3 5 1.5V alkaline batteries or 3 rechargeable batteries;
    12. battery life: 8 hours;
    13. Host power supply: DC 12-15V/1-2A;
    14. Host maximum power consumption: 10W;
    15. It is recommended to stack 4 sets of machines for a single model;

  • 1. Frequency range: 529-587MHz(± 0.25)
    2. FM mode: broadband FM
    3. Adjustable range: 83MHz
    4. Number of channels: 200
    5. Channel interval: 250KHz
    6. Frequency stability: within ± 0.005%
    7. Dynamic range: 100dB
    8. Maximum frequency offset: ± 45KHz
    9. Audio response: 30Hz-18KHz(± 3dB)
    10. Integrated SNR:>50dB
    11. Comprehensive distortion: ≤ 2%
    12. Working temperature:-10 ℃- 40 ℃
    Unit parameters:
    1. Output power: high power 30mW
    2. Slight suppression:-60dB
    3. Power supply mode: 3 5 batteries or lithium batteries
    Host Parameters
    1. Receiver mode: secondary frequency conversion superheterodyne
    2. Antenna interface: BNC/50Ω
    3. Sensitivity: 12dB μV(80dBS/N)
    4. Stray suppression: ≥ 75dB
    5. Maximum output level: 10dBV
    6. Size (length * width * height):420mm * 44mm * 200mm
    7. Packing size (length * width * height):650mm * 420mm * 160mm
    8. Weight: 2.16KG

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