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U-segment one-to-two wireless conference microphone (600 band)
  • U-segment one-to-two wireless conference microphone (600 band)

U-segment one-to-two wireless conference microphone (600 band)

Product model: UI-2000A

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • Anti-interference antenna, bare metal effective working distance of 60 meters, with antenna amplifier equipment effective working distance of 140 meters
    Use electronic volume control
    With unlock and lock ID function, more professional
    Super anti-interference ability, can effectively suppress the noise caused by the external interference and the same frequency interference
    English operation menu
    Use electronic volume control
    With lock key function to prevent human misoperation
    Metal enclosure 1U standard cabinet design, easy installation
    Strong resistance to RF/GSM signal interference
    Take AA x 2 battery installation design
    Application of PLL RF stabilization technology, accurate frequency, stable and reliable operation
    Balanced and unbalanced output ports to adapt to different equipment connection needs
    The medium frequency is rich, and the sound is magnetic and mixed thick, which belongs to the essence of human voice microphone sound quality.
    Infrared pair frequency, transmitter can be exchanged, simple operation, advanced function
    It is suggested that the number of stacking machines for a single model is 4 sets.

  • Two-channel wireless microphone receiver host
    Frequency range: 640-690MHz(± 0.25MHz)
    Number of adjustable channels: 100*2
    Oscillation mode: phase-locked loop frequency synthesis (PLL)
    Frequency stability: ± 10ppm
    Receiving mode: true diversity superheterodyne secondary frequency conversion
    Pilot mode: digital pilot
    Audio frequency response: 60-13000Hz
    Harmonic distortion: ≤ 0.5%
    SNR: ≥ 50dB
    Audio output: balanced output and mixed output
    Receiving sensitivity:-95dBm
    Power specification: DC12V/2A
    Product size (length * width * height):420*165*45mm
    Product weight: 3.1Kg

    Wireless Desktop Microphone
    Frequency range: 640.00-689.750MHZ
    Number of adjustable channels: 200
    Oscillation mode: phase-locked loop frequency synthesis (PLL)
    Harmonic suppression:-30dB
    Modulation: frequency modulation (FM)
    FM mode: infrared frequency
    Maximum offset: ± 45KHz
    RF power output: 3-30mW
    Pickup head: capacitive
    Power supply: 2 AA batteries (try to use alkaline batteries)
    Battery life: not less than 8 hours

    Type of microphone head: back pole type electret
    Directivity: single pointing
    Frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz
    Sensitivity: -45dB ± 2dB (0db = 1 V/Pa at 1KHz)
    Output impedance: 680Ω ± 30% (at 1KHz)

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