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U-segment wireless handheld microphone (including electronic pointer)
  • U-segment wireless handheld microphone (including electronic pointer)

U-segment wireless handheld microphone (including electronic pointer)

Product model: AK-8822

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Multi-function U-segment wireless microphone scheme, low noise, no crosstalk, stable communication, transmission distance far beyond the market advantage.
    2. Using color LCD screen display, can fully display all kinds of work information, including: signal strength, power, volume, working channel, frequency mode, PPT connection status.
    3. It has four frequency pairs modes: U-segment frequency pair, U-segment frequency lock, infrared frequency pair, PPT frequency pair, to meet different application scenarios
    4. After long pressing the menu key to enter, there are various settings, including: brightness adjustment, limiting adjustment, high and low bass adjustment, frequency distance adjustment, and version information viewing.
    5. Adopt the method of close-range code pair and long-range use. The code pair distance is 3-6 meters, and there are 7 adjustable frequency pairs. The longest distance is the same as the use distance, and the use distance is more than 20 meters;
    6. And has a memory function; support a key mute function
    7. Intelligent low energy consumption design, no signal input within 60 minutes of automatic shutdown, energy saving and environmental protection
    8. Built-in electronic pointer function, with 3.5 interface headset input
    9. Battery capacity: 500mA, with protection circuit, Type C interface charging, 2 hours of sufficient electricity and sustainable endurance ≥ 8h

  • Sampling accuracy: 16Bit
    Sampling rate: 24KHz
    Frequency response: 20Hz-12KHz @ ± 7.4dB
    Dynamic range: 81dB
    SNR: 81dB
    System delay: 10ms
    Full input: 156mVrms
    Full output: 938mVrms
    Output/Input Gain: 15.5dB
    Data rate: 2Mbps
    Transmit power:>10dBm
    Maximum working distance: 20M
    Weight: 15g
    Battery capacity: 500mA
    Charging: 5V-800mA ~ 2A power adapter

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