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U segment wireless earhook microphone
  • U segment wireless earhook microphone

U segment wireless earhook microphone

Product model: AK-8823

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Multi-function U-segment wireless microphone scheme, low noise, no crosstalk, stable communication, transmission distance far beyond the market advantage.
    2. It has four frequency pairs modes: U-segment frequency pair, U-segment frequency lock, infrared frequency pair, PPT frequency pair, to meet different application scenarios
    3. The use of close-range code, long-distance use, the code distance is 3-5 meters, the use of distance is more than 20 meters;
    4. And has a memory function; Support a key mute function, built-in electronic pointer function
    5. Intelligent low energy consumption design, no signal input within 60 minutes of automatic shutdown, energy saving and environmental protection
    6. Battery capacity: 120mA, with protection circuit, MICRO USB interface charging, 2 hours of sufficient power and sustainable endurance ≥ 6h

  • Sampling accuracy: 16Bit
    Sampling rate: 24KHz
    Frequency response: 100Hz-12KHz @ ± 3dB
    Dynamic range: 76dB
    Signal to noise ratio: 76dB
    System delay: 10ms
    Full input: 156mVrms
    Full output: 525mVrms
    Data rate: 2Mbps
    Transmit power:>10dBm
    Maximum working distance: 20M
    Weight: 15g
    Battery capacity: 120mA
    Charging: 5V-800mA ~ 2A power adapter

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