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HDMI200 meter network cable extender (H.264 protocol)
HDMI200 meter network cable extender (H.264 protocol)
  • HDMI200 meter network cable extender (H.264 protocol)
  • HDMI200 meter network cable extender (H.264 protocol)

HDMI200 meter network cable extender (H.264 protocol)

Product model: LT-5608-HX

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • HDMI extender adopts standard Ethernet TCP/IP protocol, and transmits high-definition audio and video signals over a long distance through a single network cable. It can realize one-to-many applications through Ethernet. At the same time, the attached infrared extension function makes long-distance control more convenient. The device has excellent image processing and transmission capabilities, making signal transmission smoother and more stable, and is a cost-effective HDMI signal extension method.
    Product Performance
    1. Long-distance transmission of HDMI video and audio signals through network cable, up to 150 meters;
    2. HD video signal resolution up to 1920*1080P @ 60Hz;
    3. Compatible with HDMI 1.3
    4. Use special format to compress and decompress video, effectively improve transmission efficiency and ensure smooth playback;
    Compliance with HDCP 1.2 standards-high bandwidth digital content protection technology;
    6. Support external remote infrared extension, can easily control the remote device;
    7. Able to automatically identify and configure various display modes;
    8. Built-in automatic equalization system, the picture is smooth, clear and stable;
    9. Built-in ESD electrostatic protection circuit, all-round protection system safety;
    10. Simple and convenient installation, plug and play, no need to set up;

  • 1. Video support protocol: HDMI 1.3, HDCP 1.2;
    2. Compression format: H.264;
    3. Pixel bandwidth: 165MHz, all digital;
    4. Interface bandwidth: total bandwidth 6.75Gbps;
    5. Maximum supported resolution: 1920X1080P @ 60Hz;
    6. Interface: HDMI-A interface;
    7. Impedance: 100 Ω;
    8. Recommended HDMI maximum input/output distance: less than 5 meters, at 1920X1080P @ 60Hz;
    9. Infrared interface: 3.5mm stereo audio socket;
    10. Signal direction: one-way transmission;
    11. Signal type: digital signal;
    12. Input level carrier frequency: 38kHz;
    13. Network interface: standard RJ45 interface;
    14. The recommended maximum transmission distance: the use of 6 types of network cable can reach 200 meters;
    15. Power supply: DC 12V/POE input voltage range: 36~57V;
    16. Maximum power consumption: MAX 3.3W;
    17. Temperature Working temperature:-5 ℃ ~ 70 ℃;
    18. Humidity working humidity: 5% ~ 90%;
    19. Dimensions: 94*71*26mm
    20. Weight: 1.0KG

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