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HDBaseT network transmission box (70 m)
HDBaseT network transmission box (70 m)
  • HDBaseT network transmission box (70 m)
  • HDBaseT network transmission box (70 m)

HDBaseT network transmission box (70 m)

Product model: LT-5608-HDB

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.HDBaseT network transmission box, support HDMI signal input
    2. Support HDMI1.4,HDCP1.4a
    3. Through CAT5E/6/7 cable 1080P60Hz resolution can transmit 70M,4K30Hz can transmit 40M
    4. Support POC power supply, you can select POC to open or close through the internal dial code
    5. Support EDID learning function, and call internal EDID through 4P dialing code
    6. Support bidirectional IR/RS232 control
    7. Support audio plus embedded function, interface 3.5mm
    Transmission of HDMI video and audio signals over long distances, up to 70 meters;
    9. Support full HD video signal 1080P @ 60Hz, 3D, and 4K * 2K;
    10. Using standard HDBaseT technology, the perfect transmission of high-definition uncompressed video signal;
    11. Support infrared two-way transmission, and serial transmission;
    12. Compatible with HDMI 1.4 standard, support CEC;
    13. Support POC power supply, only need to receive power supply to work;
    Compliance with HDCP 1.2 standards-high-bandwidth digital content protection technology;
    15. The network cable adopts standard Ethernet IEEE-568B connection method, which is easy to install;
    16. Able to automatically identify and configure various display modes;
    17. Built-in automatic equalization system, the picture is smooth, clear and stable;
    18. Built-in ESD electrostatic protection circuit, all-round protection system safety;
    19. Simple and convenient installation, plug and play, no need to set up;

  • 1. Video support protocol: HDMI 1.4; HDCP 1.2;
    2. Video pixel bandwidth: 165MHz, all digital;
    3. Video interface bandwidth: total bandwidth 10.2Gbps;
    4. Maximum supported video resolution: 1920X1080P @ 60Hz, 4K * 2K;
    5. Video interface: HDMI-A interface;
    6. Video impedance: 100 Ω;
    7. Video recommended HDMI maximum input/output distance: less than 5 meters, at 1920X1080P @ 60Hz;
    8. Infrared interface: 3.5mm stereo audio socket;
    9. Infrared signal type: digital signal;
    10. Infrared signal direction: two-way transmission;
    11. Infrared input level carrier frequency broadband: 20k-56kHz;
    12.RS232 interface: industrial terminal;
    13.RS232 signal direction: two-way transparent transmission;
    14.RS232 baud rate: adaptive, up to 115200bps;
    15.RS232 data bits: 8 bits;
    16. Network interface: standard RJ45 interface;
    17. Suggested maximum transmission distance: 1080P,3D: 70M for Class 6 network cables;
    18.4K * 2K: Class 6 network cable 50M;
    19. Power adapter: DC 12V;
    20. Maximum power consumption: MAX 15W;
    21. Temperature Working temperature:-5 ℃ ~ 70 ℃;
    22. Humidity working humidity: 5% ~ 90%;
    23. Overall dimensions: 94.5*71*26mm.
    24. Weight: 1.0KG

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