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DVI Matrix 4 in 4 out
  • DVI Matrix 4 in 4 out

DVI Matrix 4 in 4 out

Product model: LT-0404-DVI

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. The fixed input/output matrix switcher adopts radio and television core switching chip, and the internal core digital switch has super anti-interference ability and high reliability for long-term continuous work;
    2. The input end of the automatic equalization design, for the distance of the DVI signal source or weak DVI signal source to provide automatic compensation;
    3. Output pre-weight drive design, so that the device more powerful driving capacity;
    4. The dual ESD protection of high and low voltage at the input and output terminals effectively enhances the ability to resist external electrostatic damage;
    5. Support 4 DVI signals as input and output;
    6. Optional infrared remote control function;
    7. Interface bandwidth 12.75Gbps, support 1920X1080 @ 60P resolution;
    8. All digital signal system, no attenuation in the process of signal transmission;
    Unified EDID information management can read and write according to the on-site environment to ensure that each road outputs consistent signals and presents the best display effect;
    10. Support a variety of control methods, front panel button control, RS-232, Ethernet, infrared remote control, infrared and Ethernet control is optional;
    11. Modular, field upgradeable and hot-swappable design;
    12.DVI digital matrix provides excellent flexibility, scalability and economy;
    13.N 1 redundant power supply design, strong anti-interference ability and good stability;
    14. With power-down memory function with power-off site protection, LCD liquid crystal display and other functions;
    15. Distortion compensation technology for long-distance signal transmission;
    16. Support input signal status monitoring, real-time monitoring and display the current input channel is valid.
    17. size: length 425 * width 260 * height 45MM weight: 3.2KG

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