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8-way power sequencer (with filter)
8-way power sequencer (with filter)
8-way power sequencer (with filter)
  • 8-way power sequencer (with filter)
  • 8-way power sequencer (with filter)
  • 8-way power sequencer (with filter)

8-way power sequencer (with filter)

Product model: BS-6306A

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. With 8 independent high-power controlled power output, single maximum current up to 10A;
    2. The front panel is equipped with five normally open straight-through power output interfaces (two 5-hole sockets, two USB 1-way Type-C), which is convenient to supply power to common power supply equipment;
    3. The front panel is equipped with a pointer voltmeter, which displays the current voltage status in real time and can intuitively see the working voltage of the equipment;
    4. Support 8-way independent power indication and 8-way independent power switch control, providing users with maximum flexibility;
    5. Support forward opening and reverse closing function, with a one-key switching power emergency switch;
    6. Support panel one-key lock function to prevent misoperation;
    7. Built-in power filter, to achieve power purification function, to provide a more pure power;
    8. Adopt high-quality universal seat, close docking, not easy to fall off, and adapt to various specifications of power plugs;
    9. With RS232 interface, it supports the control of external central control equipment, can issue instructions to configure the equipment ID, and realize the operation functions such as forward opening and reverse closing, controlled single-channel independent switch, mode call, mode saving, baud rate setting, setting cascade, initialization, etc;
    10. Scene call: 8 groups of device switch scene data save and call, scene management application is simple and convenient, to achieve the use of the call, reduce the artificial repeated operation;
    11. With RS485 interface, support through the RS-485 protocol for cascade control (up to 8 sets), in the cascade state, from the machine can automatically detect the main control machine's business operation instructions, to execute the same business operation instructions;
    12. With a one-in-one-out short-circuit trigger function, support external fire-fighting system equipment to provide short-circuit signals to trigger the power sequencer to turn on and off, and output a short-circuit signal to the next controlled equipment;
    13. Support undervoltage, overpressure detection alarm function, the undervoltage, overpressure state buzzer alarm;
    14. Power of the whole machine: the maximum power is 6600W, which can meet the use of large power consumption system and needs to be matched with standard power distribution cabinet;
    15. Standard 10A plug accessories: suitable for conventional socket, maximum power 2200W;

  • 1. Rated output voltage: AC 100 V240V0Hz;
    2. Controllable power supply: 8 channels, plus 2 output through channels, 2 USB outputs and 1 TypeC output;
    3. Each road action delay time: 1 second;
    4. Status display: voltmeter real-time display the current voltage;
    5. Static power consumption: ≤ 13W;
    6. Power consumption at rated output: ≤ 6600W;
    7. Working environment: temperature:-40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃;
    Humidity: 45%-80%;
    8. Product size (length * width * height mm): length 482 * width 265 * height 65mm;
    9. Product weight (KG):4.8kg;

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