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86-inch intelligent interactive conference tablet all-in-one machine
  • 86-inch intelligent interactive conference tablet all-in-one machine

86-inch intelligent interactive conference tablet all-in-one machine

Product model: TCB-E86W

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.86-inch conference tablet all-in-one machine, high quality 4K screen, 3840*2160 resolution; The default is built-in Android 8.0 system, with 3G storage and 16G memory. Optional PC module, upgraded to Android Windows dual system;
    2. Writing software: infrared touch frame, 20-point touch, background change, brush setting (fine pen: 5 pen widths, 9 colors; Rough pen has 5 pen widths and 9 colors, supporting fine erase function), pen front writing, 10-step withdrawal, gesture erase, one-key screen clearing, 2-point zoom, multi-point movement, picture import, mask layer, split screen writing (supporting 2-point screen, 3-point screen), sticky notes, graphic insertion, intelligent circle selection (support for moving, copying and deleting), and increase the number of pages (maximum 25 pages); Intelligent handwriting algorithm restores the real touch of pen and paper and has better writing experience;
    3. Information sharing: scan code sharing, one-click sending, easy to take away the content of the meeting; At the same time, it supports email sending, QQ, Sina, Sohu, 163, Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Others;
    4. Signal source: according to different usage scenarios, you can set the automatic jump of the signal source and set whether the all-in-one machine jumps to the new source when the signal source is newly inserted; In order to meet the signal source management when multiple signal sources are connected to the device, it has the signal source priority setting function, which allows the device to read the input source content according to the established sequence. In order to meet the requirements of authority management, the specified channel can be locked, can be fixed to a channel, can also save the state when the shutdown;
    5. File demonstration: fast document demonstration, which can open documents on the all-in-one machine, supports PPT, Word and other files in various formats, and can be annotated freely to improve the efficiency of work conference demonstration;
    6. Suspension ball: in order to ensure the convenience of operation, double-finger long press any position on the desktop to bring up the suspension ball operation menu function, and the suspension ball can be dragged to any position on the desktop to facilitate calling at any time;
    7. Gadgets: you can call up practical meeting functions such as screen capture, spotlight, calculator, countdown, one-key screen lock, voting device, one-key cleaning, etc. through the operation menu of the sidebar;
    8. In order to meet the needs of conference room amplification, built-in speakers. The output power is not less than 2 x 15W. In order to facilitate the switching of conference room audio output equipment, with audio output source switching function, switching internal and external speakers;
    9. Video source interface: In order to clearly display the content of the meeting, it has three HDMI2.0 and one DP1.2 input interface;
    10. The sidebar supports intelligent hiding to prevent it from being blocked when displaying full-screen content and affecting vision. When the user touches the screen again, the sidebar button reappears;
    11. Touch pen: For convenience of use and storage, the touch pen has its own magnetic function and can be stored on the front frame of the machine. The touch pen combined with the conference tablet whiteboard software can realize different color writing at both ends. The function of erasing one end of writing can be realized by simple setting;
    12. WIFI module can be selected to realize wireless screen projection. Mobile phones, tablets and computers can use software or the same screen with one key, making data comparison, communication demonstration and meeting discussion more convenient and efficient.

  • 1.LCD size: 85.6 ",LCD supplier: LG
    2. Backlight type: D-LED
    3. Resolution: 3840x 2160(pixels,WRGB)
    4. Screen brightness: 350cd/m (min.),400cd/m (typ.)
    5. Screen Contrast (Contrast Ratio):1200:1(typ.)
    6. Response time: 8ms (typ.)
    7. Pixel distance: 0.4935(H)x0.4935(V)
    8. Frame rate: 60Hz
    9. Angle of view: 178 °(H) / 178 °(V)
    10. Life: 30,000 hrs (min.)
    Color gamut (X% NTSC):65%
    12. Visual area (mm):1895.04(H)x1065.96(V)
    13. Color degree: 1.07B(10bit)
    14. Main chip: MSD8386
    15.CPU: Architecture: ARM A73 A53, Operating Frequency: 1.5GHz, Number of Cores: Quad-Core
    17. Internal cache capacity (RAM):2GB/3GB DDR
    18. Internal storage capacity (ROM):16GB/32GB
    19. System Version (OS):Android 8.0
    20. Voltage: AC 100 V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
    21. Maximum power (without OPS):400W, standby power:<0.5W
    22. Maximum sound power: 2x15W/8Ω
    23.OPS power supply: DC 18V/5A,DC 12V/5A
    Interface parameters:
    HDMI IN*3,DP IN*1,VGA IN*1,TV IN*1,AV IN*1,YPBPR IN*1,OPS*1,LAN*2,Android USB*2
    Public USB*2,Touch-USB*2,PC-Audio IN*1,RS232 IN*1,HDMI OUT*1,AV OUT*1,S/PDIF OUT*1,Audio OUT*1
    Touch parameters:
    Touch Specification: Infrared Touch Box
    Glass specification: 4mm tempered glass
    Maximum output points: 20 points
    Interpolation resolution: 32768 x 32768
    Touch accuracy: the middle 90% touch area is 1mm (1mm)
    Response time: ≤ 10ms

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