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5G/WiFi Wireless Digital Discussion Conference Speech Chairman Unit
  • 5G/WiFi Wireless Digital Discussion Conference Speech Chairman Unit

5G/WiFi Wireless Digital Discussion Conference Speech Chairman Unit

Product model: WF-850A

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.128-bit digital encryption technology, with WAP2 secure connection, MAC address filtering, hidden SSID security, can prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access;
    2. The chairman unit has the priority function of fully controlling the order of the meeting, and can be placed in any position without location restrictions when connected;
    3. The chairman microphone has the chairman priority key function, which can close the representative unit that is speaking;
    4. With OLED display, current time display, speaking time display, power display, signal strength display;
    5.WiFi transmission technology, strict digital protection, to ensure the privacy of the meeting, to avoid eavesdropping and malicious interference;
    6. Using low delay technology, the microphone to speak to the speaker output minimum delay is less than 10ms;
    7. Removable battery pack for easy replacement and charging, fully charged battery can support 25 hours of continuous meetings;
    8. built-in fidelity speakers, sound clear. High-fidelity sound quality, the wireless unit supports up to 6 microphones to be turned on at the same time, the microphone switch button, the chairman has priority and agrees to apply for a speech button;
    9. Double headphone interface design, adjustable volume, can be used by 2 people, can also be a headphone interface as a recording output port, convenient for reporters, customers and other participants to record the meeting;
    10. The unit has a linein interface, supports head-mounted microphone or line input function, and can be connected to mobile phones, notebooks, etc. to upload audio, conduct telephone and network meetings;
    11. Fully digital signal processing to eliminate RF interference from mobile phones and other similar devices;
    12. Removable straw, super sound pickup ability, support different length straw;
    13. Support AGC technology, realize no microphone, the volume is unchanged, the range of human activity is larger, 16-segment equalization independent adjustment, sensitivity independent adjustment, noise gate control;
    14. With clock display function, you can set a time limit to speak, time to remind or automatically close the unit;
    15. Support RFID card identity authentication, sign-in and discussion; The chairman has priority control: "OPEN" open mode, "VOICE" voice control mode, "FIFO" first-in-first-out mode, "PTT" press and hold to speak, "APPLY" application mode, "ALL" full open mode;
    16. Overall dimensions (width × depth × height) (excluding microphone rod): 185 × 130 × 50mm
    17. Weight: 1.1kg

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