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5G/WiFi Wireless Digital Conference System Host
5G/WiFi Wireless Digital Conference System Host
  • 5G/WiFi Wireless Digital Conference System Host
  • 5G/WiFi Wireless Digital Conference System Host

5G/WiFi Wireless Digital Conference System Host

Product model: WF-850

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Support WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology at the same time support 2.4GHz,5GHz, to ensure the privacy of the meeting, to avoid eavesdropping and malicious interference;
    2. Support wired conference and wireless conference unit at the same time, the original AUDIO-LINK digital ring network technology, to achieve full digital signal transmission and processing;
    3. Support PC software management, TCP/IP control, provide reliable safety management control, support computer and host TCP/IP connection, support RS232 central control, realize microphone switch, priority, volume and other control;
    4. The system also provides RS485 or RS232 to send PELCO and VISCA protocols to realize camera tracking function. The fully charged battery can support 25 hours of continuous meetings, the display screen has power indication and Wi-Fi signal indication, system date and time management, and supports speech timing and countdown speech;
    5. With the ring hand-in-hand function, the system is more reliable, a unit or line failure will not affect the normal operation of other units of the system;
    6. Support a single conference host to achieve 4 conference rooms independent control and merge conference rooms, support multiple conference host cascade, to achieve a larger conference room merger and separation;
    7. Realize remote two-way real-time communication with another conference host or third-party video conference terminal, expand the conference unit to 5000 microphones, and set any representative to VIP seats to speak freely;
    8. The wireless unit supports up to 6 microphones to be turned on at the same time, and adaptively avoids interference technology to achieve stronger anti-interference ability. Based on the standard WiFi conforming to IEEE802.11n,
    9. Wireless wired non-compressed audio transmission, 48K sampling rate, bandwidth 20Hz ~ 20KHz perfect sound quality;
    10. A CAT5e network cable transmits 64 channels of audio and all kinds of information, high fidelity sound quality, lossless audio transmission technology, 48K audio sampling frequency, 20Hz ~ 20KHz response frequency;
    11. Support hand-in-hand loop network connection, and the system automatically assigns an independent ID to each unit to avoid ID conflicts;
    12.32bit high-speed DSP floating-point processing, while supporting 2 audio output, acoustic feedback suppression, noise elimination, digital equalization processing, providing clear and high sensitivity perfect sound quality;
    13. Support U disk recording, host monitoring, advanced noise elimination technology, to achieve clearer recording;
    14. Noise gate ANC control with pressure limit that can identify human voice passing through; AGC automatic volume gain control; AFC automatic feedback suppressor; Support automatic mixing (auto-mix) technology;
    15. Support echo cancellation sound partition output function. The volume of each partition is automatically adjusted according to the opening position of the microphone to realize farther pickup distance without whistling;
    16. Support extended DANTE output module for use with other DANTE devices;
    17. Support 2-channel audio input, support Canon Head, Lotus Head, use local audio input and remote video conference input; mobile phone and notebook audio can be directly connected to the system from the wireless unit
    18. The function of limiting the number of speakers in the simultaneously opened representative speaking units (1/2/4/6 units) can be set;
    19. It has six modes: "OPEN" open mode, "VOICE" voice control mode, "OVERRIDE" first-in-first-out mode, "PTT" press and hold to speak, "APPLY" application mode, "ALL" full open mode, etc;
    20. Key voting function: Yes/Abstain/No-Chairman unit priority support turn off all and temporary mute 2 modes. -The chairman unit has the simultaneous interpretation function of the approval application speech button 31 1-way wired simultaneous interpretation;
    21. Voting, for example: approval/opposition, voting: approval/abstention/opposition, election: 1/2/3/4/5, response:-/-/0//;

  • 1. Static power consumption: 12W
    2. Maximum power consumption: 150W
    3. Unit power supply: POE48VDC
    4.RS-232 control: 1x 9 pin Sub-D female seat 1x 9 pin Sub-D male seat
    5.Ethernet control: RJ45 connection computer control
    6. Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz(-3dBatnominallevel)
    7. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):<0.05%
    8. Channel crosstalk:>85dB
    9. Signal to noise ratio (S/N):>96dBA
    10. Dynamic range:>94db
    11. Appearance size (mm):483 long x260 deep x43.6 high
    12. Weight: 3Kg

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