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4-way DVI Splice Input Module
  • 4-way DVI Splice Input Module

4-way DVI Splice Input Module

Product model: DVI-DO4H-M

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • Single card 4 DVI input splicing module, the board has the following characteristics:
    1. Support HDMI1.3, compatible with HDCP1.4
    2. Maximum input resolution 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
    3. Support HDMI, DVI-D signal format;
    4. Automatically identify the input signal format without manual setting;
    5. Single input signal supports arbitrary windowing;
    6. Support input signal character overlay function, can change the character related properties through the client software
    7. Have embedded EDID management technology, support DDC control;
    8. With power saving function;
    9. Support status self-test.

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