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1 channel HD network encoder (with audio)
1 channel HD network encoder (with audio)
  • 1 channel HD network encoder (with audio)
  • 1 channel HD network encoder (with audio)

1 channel HD network encoder (with audio)

Product model: SF-6000FD

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • The 1-channel high-definition network encoder is an enterprise-class long-term stable operation of audio and video coding products, the product supports high-definition audio and video acquisition function, with low latency, low power consumption and other characteristics. This product adopts the embedded scheme of Huawei HiSilicon chip and has high reliability after DSP chip compression processing, supporting 7x 24 hours of uninterrupted work. It can be widely used in network live broadcast, IPTV system, wireless image transmission, teaching recording and broadcasting, video conference, monitoring and other fields. In addition to the basic coding and serial transmission of traditional encoders, the product also supports functions such as graphic editing, directing, external audio and HDMI audio and video mixing output, file recording, video brightness saturation adjustment, etc.
    Function parameters:
    1. Support HD 1080P @ 60Hz acquisition
    2. Support HDMI video access and 3.5mm audio access
    3. Support 1 main stream and 3 secondary streams, and support TS, HLS, FLV, RTSP, RTMP, SRT and other streaming media protocols
    4. Support screen rotation, contrast enhancement, sharpness enhancement, brightness and chroma adjustment
    5. Support ONVIF audio, RTSP stream using G711A encoding
    6. Support EDID selection
    7. Both the primary code stream and the secondary code stream support separate OSD settings, and both support 4-region OSD settings.
    8.OSD supports text, scrolling text, pictures and time, and supports setting position, size, color, etc.
    9. Support to upload LOGO
    10. Support custom network information
    11. Support NTP automatic calibration time
    12. Support GB28181
    13. Support serial port transparent transmission
    14. Support system update and system backup
    15. Support timing restart
    16. Support one-click restore factory configuration

  • Technical parameters:
    1. Power indicator: LED
    2. Video input interface: HDMI
    3. Audio input interface: 3.5mmm
    4. Network interface: RJ45
    5. Video encoding: H.265/H.2654/MJPEG
    6. Audio encoding: AAC, AAC, AAC, MP3, MP2, AC3
    7. Audio input type: HDMI, analog
    8. Audio coding sampling rate: 44100, 48000
    9. Video encoding frame rate: 5-60
    10. Code stream control: cbr, vbr, strong cbr
    11. Output resolution: 240*180-1920*1080
    12. Transport protocol: TS, HLS, FLV, RTSP, RTMP, SRT
    13. Power adapter: input: AC 180-240V 50-60Hz, output: DC 12V 2A

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