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16-channel mixer (MP3 player, two groups)
16-channel mixer (MP3 player, two groups)
16-channel mixer (MP3 player, two groups)
  • 16-channel mixer (MP3 player, two groups)
  • 16-channel mixer (MP3 player, two groups)
  • 16-channel mixer (MP3 player, two groups)

16-channel mixer (MP3 player, two groups)

Product model: MP1604E

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1, 10 microphone input, 8 (four groups) stereo input, of which 9 ,10 microphone input and stereo sharing;
    2. Each channel of mono input channel is equipped with independent 48V phantom power supply switch, and each channel of 1-8 channels is equipped with 100Hz low-cut function;
    3, microphone input Senior high school low three-stage equalization, 12-16 stereo high and low two-stage equalization, input pusher 60mm, feel smooth;
    4. Two auxiliary outputs, one AUX is sent, one FX is sent, AUX is sent as a signal before fader, FX is sent as a signal after fader, and the signal sending amount is controlled by the knob;
    5. Enter each path with PFL keys to facilitate monitoring the signal before the fusher;
    6. Each input is equipped with L-R switch (main output switch) and G1-G2 switch (two group switch);
    7. USB playback function, with LCD screen, can display song name and lyrics, support MP3,WAV and other formats, optional Chinese and English interface, optional loop mode;
    8. With Bluetooth function, you can directly Bluetooth input audio;
    9. With U disk recording function;
    10. It can be connected to the computer and input and output audio to the computer through the sound card;
    11. Built-in effector, the delay time and repetition ratio of the effector are continuously adjustable, and the effect can be added to the main input or auxiliary AUX output;
    12, left and right main output, two pusher independent control, 60mm pusher; Two groups output, two pusher independent control, 60mm pusher;
    13. Stereo monitor output, which can be monitored by headphones or output to the monitor speaker knob to control the volume;
    14, left and right stereo auxiliary return, knob control return volume, there is a selection switch to choose whether to add the main output or group output; Recording output and input with lotus interface, recording input is controlled by independent switch, which is convenient for recording and playback operation;
    15. The mixer has low background noise, good signal-to-noise ratio and stable performance;
    16. Standard double 12-segment level indicator to accurately display the level size;
    17. Unique appearance design, accurate assembly process, stable and reliable performance;
    18, microphone input can choose Karon or 6.35 interface, stereo input can choose RCA or 6.35 interface;
    19. The amplification circuit adopts a unique design scheme, with large dynamic sound and full timbre;
    20. High-power external power supply effectively improves the performance of the mixer.

  • 1. Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz( /-0.5dB);
    2. Total harmonic distortion:<%1 (rated condition: 20HZ-20KHZ);
    3. Equivalent input noise: ≤-110dBm
    4. Equalization characteristics of input channel:
    Low frequency: 80Hz/± 15dB;
    Intermediate frequency: 2.5KHz ± 15dB;
    High frequency: 12KHz/± 15dB;
    5. Maximum gain at line input: ≥ 20dB;
    6. Maximum gain of microphone input: ≥ 50(± 10%);
    7. Input impedance:
    Microphone input: ≥ 1.0 KΩ;
    Line input: ≥ 3 KΩ;
    Auxiliary return input: 20 KΩ;
    8. Output impedance:
    Left total output: ≤ 300 Ω;
    Right total output: ≤ 300 Ω;
    Total monitor output: ≤ 300 Ω;
    Card output: ≤ 10KΩ;
    Auxiliary output: ≤ 10KΩ;
    9. Effect device: analog effect device, delay time and repetition times can be adjusted;
    10. Overall power: ≤ 40W;
    11. Input power: AC220V 50Hz;
    12. Machine size:(H * W * D)90x 500x 410mm;
    13. Packing size:(H * W * D)195*570*485mm;
    14. Net weight: 5.7Kg
    15. Gross weight: 8.2Kg

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