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"20 HD Splicing Seamless Plug-in Host (5 Slot Input 4 Slot Output)

Product model: LT-1120M

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 3U standard cabinet host, wide voltage design, the product has the following features:
    1. Full hardware FPGA architecture, modular design, hybrid plug-in structure;
    2. The input and output boards of different signal formats support seamless cross switching, and there is no black screen, card screen, jitter, tearing and other phenomena in the switching process;
    3. Support multiple resolution output, the highest support output resolution 1920 x1200 @ 60Hz;
    4. Control mode: RS232 serial port and LAN network port;
    5. Serial port instructions can realize scene call, scene save, scene rotation, query and set IP, etc;
    6. Support input signal source OSD custom character display function, you can set the character font, size, color, transparency, position, etc;
    7. Support real-time detection of all input signals, which is convenient for users to observe and detect the access status of input signals;
    8. Support any window, overlay, roaming, segmentation, scaling, stretching and cutting operations;
    9. Support picture-in-picture display, image overlay display, multi-screen single-screen display, large-screen splicing function;
    10. The layer sequence and attribute setting of the overlay window can be realized through the upper computer software;
    11. Output display screen single screen supports up to 8 window display (default 2 window display, optional 4 window display or 8 window display);
    12. Single input source supports arbitrary windowing;
    13. Input and output board support hot plug;
    14. Support scene save, scene call, scene preview, scene polling;
    15. Support splicing configuration import and export;
    16. Support for any position of the signal source for cropping display;
    17. Support preset window mode, flexible call;
    18. Support control of third-party equipment;
    19. Support the whole machine online upgrade, convenient maintenance and repair;
    20. Default device IP:, port number: 4001, baud rate: 115200

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