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"8-way power sequencer ---- serial port"

Product model: LT-5601A

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.2 inch color LCD intelligent display window, real-time display of the current voltage, date and time, channel switch status;
    2. Time switch function, built-in clock chip, can be set according to the date and time, without human operation, so that equipment management is more simple;
    3.8 channel output, each channel delay opening and closing time can be set freely (range 0~999S);
    4.8 group device switch scene data save/call, scene management application is simple and convenient;
    5. Ad hoc undervoltage and overpressure detection and alarm functions provide reliable guarantee for your equipment, with a total power of 6000W and a single maximum power of 2000W;
    6. Support multiple devices cascade control, cascade status can be automatically detected and set;
    7. Configure RS232 interface, support external central control equipment control;
    8. Remote centralized control can be realized, and each device has its own device code ID detection and setting;
    9. Support panel Lock lock function to prevent human misoperation.
    10. Power-on self-start can be set when starting up
    11 .. can control the power supply 8, plus 2 output auxiliary channel

  • 1. Rated output voltage AC 220V 50Hz
    2. Delay time of each action: 0-999s
    3. Power supply: AC 220V 50/60Hz 30A
    4. Status display: 2 inch TFT color LCD real-time display of the current voltage, each switch status
    5. Single rated output current: 13A
    6. Rated total output current: 30A
    7. Size (length * width * height):480mm * 293mm * 45mm;
    8. Weight: 3.8KG

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