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"Multimedia Interactive Management Software-Exhibition Hall Player"

Product model: Hear-TV9

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • Media playback management software has functions of multi-video format, streaming media, picture playback, PPT and PDF playback, pause and stop, list management, list update and other functions, supports TCP/IP communication protocol management control, is used in conjunction with the central control system, and is suitable for exhibition application systems such as planning halls and exhibition halls.
    1. Support dongle worry-free security permission
    2. Support win7 above operating system;
    3. Support Android operating system (need to configure the specified hardware);
    4. Support playlist, playback status, playback progress and other data and control system real-time feedback;
    5. Support the custom setting control function on the timeline of the film source;
    6.Windows video resolution within 8K, Android video resolution within 4K
    7. Compatible with mainstream video media format file playback, picture-in-picture settings, video text scrolling display and other functions;
    8. Support video, picture, ppt and other format switching mode, manual control or automatic control function;
    9. Support play, pause, stop, automatic play control function;
    10. Support up and down tracks, single loop, list loop, specified playback, sound control and other basic functions;
    11. Support TCP/IP communication protocol management control;
    12. Support common video formats, such as mp4, avi, mov, wav, rm, mpeg, mpg, dat, mkv and other video formats;
    13. Supported streaming media: rtsp, rtmp, ts, m3u8, flv;
    14. Supported image file types: png, jpg;
    15. Other supported documents: pptx, ppt, pdf;

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