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"Distributed Audio and Video Management System Input Terminal (4K KVM) -with node embedded software"

Product model: LT-6104N-K

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Using distributed architecture design, decentralized architecture, can expand any number of nodes without servers and control nodes. Convenient system expansion; each node node independently does not interfere with each other, reducing system operation risk and maintenance costs;
    2. Each node unit adopts H.265 data stream codec chip with powerful performance to ensure the smoothness of system operation;
    3. Each node has 2-way high-definition video interface, phoenix terminal audio input interface, and the node has two-way Rs232 and Rs485 interfaces;
    4. Each node has a 3-way USB interface, supports HDMI ring out function, is used to connect with the computer, does not add additional hardware;
    5. Support the visual operation mode of KVM terminal. The terminal can display its video content in the KVM takeover interface of the operator, and can double-click to take over, and can also drag the screen to another monitor through the mouse to let it take over;
    6.KVM terminal supports single screen to take over 4 terminals at the same time, can operate on the same screen, or can be enlarged separately;
    7. The node has its own POE power supply RJ45 interface, only need to lay a network cable to connect, can realize audio, video control signal, serial control signal transmission;
    8. The node supports HDMI,DVI, VGA and other signal formats, and supports the lowest resolution 800*600 to the highest resolution 4K @ 60Hz;
    9. Intelligent preview technology, the preview area can support smooth preview of more than 16 videos at the same time;
    10. The system has golden finger technology. After selecting the preview video, tap the virtual video wall to automatically implement the video wall, providing users with extremely convenient operation experience;
    11. The overall display layout can be saved and called: in order to meet the rapid and timely disposal of emergencies in the process of meeting or command, the system is required to have real-time storage and real-time call on site;
    12. Intelligent bandwidth rate adjustment technology: whether it is still pictures or dynamic video, the AI chip built into the node can intelligently detect and automatically adjust the encoding and decoding rate to ensure the consistency of the image definition finally presented to the user;
    13. Support large screen splicing, roaming, multi-layer overlay display, single screen supports 4 channels of 4K video or 16 channels of 1080P signals;
    14. Support 4K and 2K video mixed superposition, mixed display, video signal superposition;
    15. Support self-identification signal source resolution, no need to set the resolution of the node;
    16. Support LED, DID, LCD, DLP splicing, no server can access IPC, audio and video can be synchronized, can be asynchronous switching;
    17. The node supports high-definition basemap and high-definition map functions, supports standard streaming media protocols such as RTSP and RTMP, and IPC coding cameras supporting H.264 and H.265. IPC network camera signals are directly output and displayed on a large screen without the need for a third-party transcoding server;
    18. Support multi-platform real-time preview operation, real-time synchronization operation of different terminal operations, operation software can run on (Windows, IOS, Android), different resolutions (analog/SD/HD), multi-platform configuration does not rely on the server to automatically synchronize the state;
    19. Complex network environment In order to ensure smooth signal and image quality, high-definition single-channel bandwidth 3M-20M can be adjusted at will. Support TCP/IP transmission to meet the requirements of high-definition video conference and high-quality signal requirements of the command center;
    20. By setting the timing operation, the window can be opened automatically to switch the picture without manual intervention. The system scene can provide one-key recovery function; The node equipment has programmable storage capability, which can automatically restore the system to the state before power failure after power failure and restart, such as volume, large screen switch, signal position, lighting environment, etc;
    21. The node supports POE and external power supply dual power supply mode (adapter optional),

  • 1. Screen size: 1.5 inches
    2. Status indicator; 4
    3.USB interface: 3
    4. Audio interface: 3pin * 2
    5.HDMI interface; 2
    6. Serial port: 6pin * 2
    7. Light port: 1
    8. Net port: 1
    9. Power supply: DC 12V/1A
    10. Product weight: 0.86Kg
    11. Product size (length * width * height):207 × 162 × 37mm

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