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"Distributed Audio and Video Management System Visualization Software-Support Windows, iOS, Android"

Product model: LT-6100-CF

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Visual control software, support Windows and iOS;
    2. Support the visual operation and management of all node signals of the system;
    3. Support the surrounding environment, lighting, curtains, equipment power real-time control management;
    4. Support the adjustment of the sound environment in the conference room, volume, high and low, mute adjustment, support fader adjustment, and feedback the current volume value;
    5. Realize the order management of the conference hall, including the microphone switch of all conference units, the conference speech mode, the number of speakers, etc;
    6. Support real-time tracking of conference cameras and control of cloud cameras of various brands;
    7. Support the control of projection, TV, DVD and other equipment;
    8. Support large screen splicing control, screen segmentation control, can be arbitrary window, mode editing and call;
    9. Support arbitrary cross-screen and roaming, and zoom in and out of the screen at will

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