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"7-inch electronic table card-stand-alone version"

Product model: SC-T70

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. This table card uses TFT digital true color high bright screen, display content is clear, bright colors;
    2. Can display the names, positions, photos, logo, trademarks, patterns and other information of the participants, display rich content;
    3. The supporting software can edit the color, language, font, word number, background and size of the display content;
    4. The content can be imported through the USB interface, and the import speed is fast;
    5. Optional high-quality high-efficiency large-capacity lithium battery, stable performance, extended use and standby time;
    6. Outer screen specification: Display: 7 ''TFT 16:9; Resolution: 800x 480; Color: 262K;
    7. Inner screen specifications: highlight 128x 32 OLCD screen;
    8. Product size: 195 mmx100mmx120mm;
    9. Power adapter: 14V/500mA;
    10. Lithium battery specifications: 12V/4000mAH;
    11. Support interface: power adapter interface/class A USB port.

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