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"16-port centralized charging box-special for SP-T900 and SP-T800A"

Product model: SP-800-AE

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. It can charge 16 LCD WIFI double-sided conference tables at the same time to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting.
    2. Full intelligent design, intelligent detection system equipment, fast charging
    3. Intelligent detection, when the machine and equipment are charging, there are LED lights to indicate, whether it is charging or when the power supply is sufficient, there will be different lights to show, so that users can understand the charging status
    4. Metal machine base and high-quality baking varnish coating, stable when placed, can stabilize the plugging and unplugging of connecting wires, equipped with cooling fan and high-power power supply, which conforms to the charging operation of various equipment.

  • 1. Rated working voltage: DC4.5V-DC5.5V
    2. Rated current: ~ 2.4A(max.)
    3. Output interface: 10 DC5V/1500mA
    4. Shell material: the whole machine adopts metal base and high quality paint coating
    5. Appearance size:(L×H×D/mm)270 × 145 × 50
    6. Weight: 1.6KG
    7. Power demand: AC220V 50/60HZ
    8. Installation: desktop mobile
    9. Color: Black/Silver
    10. Working temperature:-5 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
    11. Storage temperature:-25 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
    12. Working humidity: 5% ~ 96%

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